15 Easy DIY Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

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Decorations don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful.

We’re sharing our favorite easy Christmas decoration tips, tricks, and hacks that we use to decorate our home year after year.

They work for EVERY budget, style, and space, and most of them utilize items you may already have around the house.

Use these ideas to repurpose random leftover Christmas supplies like gift wrap, candy, wine corks, or pine cones.

A lot of these are even fun crafts or DIY gifts you can make with family.

Whether you’re throwing an epic Christmas party or wedding, hosting a fun old fashioned family Christmas, or enjoying a quiet holiday in your small apartment–if you’ve taken on the task of decorating this year–we have you covered.

You’re guaranteed to find atleast one idea you can use and keep checking back because we update it every year!

The decorations are organized into the sections below:

1. Wrap Your Doors

2.Garland Or Tinsel On Doors, Windows, Entry Ways, Banisters, and Mantels

3. Hanging Garland for Ceiling, Walls, Windows, and Mantles

4. Fill Your Containers With Christmas

5. Candles

6. DIY Snowflakes

7. Pinecone Decorations

8. Candy Cane Decorations

9. Cone Decorations

10. Wooden Indoor or Outdoor Decor

11. Claypot Christmas Decor

12. Christmas Branches

13. Vases And Jars

14. DIY Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Ideas

15. Christmas Wreath Ideas

16. Christmas Stockings

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Cheap and easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas for the home, office, or apartment.

1. Wrap Your Doors 

Our college used to do this every Christmas and we have been doing it ever since!

You can use wrapping paper, construction paper, or ribbon to decorate your doors.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations, Gift Wrap Door

We did this using leftover scraps of wrapping paper

This works for ALL doors including cabinets and even the fridge.

Make a cute design like a snow man, wrap your whole door or put a piece of wrapping paper on just the top half of the door, top it off with a bow or ribbon.

Door Bow Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

by Naptime Decor

You can also just tie it up with a bow. It’s also great for schools since it’s super easy and uses supplies that you already have.

Wrapping paper can also look great on the face of tiled or wood stairs, just cut the pieces to fit and attach them with double stick tape.

2. Garland Or Tinsel On Doors, Windows, Entry Ways, Banisters, and Mantels 

You can really get creative with this. Use store bought garland or tinsel, or make your own.  Add lights and bows or ornaments to make it really festive.

We always hang garland above our doors and windows. From the drop ceiling going into the dining room, we hang tinsel with lights and ornaments.

Don’t forget your kitchen cupboards! Line the tops of cupboards with garland and or lights.

Garland and tinsel work really well above mantels and on stair banisters.

Try different drapes and designs with ornaments, lights and garland on staircases.

Add a wreath to the wall of a garland covered mantle for an added touch.

Easy DIY Christmas Decor ideas for your door, table, mantle and wall using garland and candles. Elegant Christmas budget decor ideas for the home, party, or wedding.


Hang garland and ornaments in just one corner of your doorway for an elegant look.

Cardboard Gingerbread House Garland


Make super easy cardboard Gingerbread house garland from your amazon boxes.

Easy DIY Ornament Garland/Christmas Decoration Ideas

Via Charislogia/Tumblr

If you have leftover Christmas tree ornaments string them on some ribbon for your very own diy garland!

String them single file for a simpler look or load them up on the ribbon for a posh look. This looks gorgeous indoors and out!

Having a party? Grab some green solo cups and balloons for faux light garland. Add glitter to the balloons or glows sticks inside for an added touch.

Easy DIY Balloon Christmas Garland

Roll the cups and balloons in glitter to add some sparkle. Picture Via Pinterest, A tutorial is at LivingLocurto.com

DIY Wood Slice Christmas Garland


DIY Farmhouse Buffalo Check and Burlap Christmas Garland


We found the pic above on Pinterest for purchase through etsy but you can certainly recreate it yourself.

Tie strands of fabric around a string for a beautifully festive Tassel Christmas garland. Buffalo Check and burlap are farmhouse staple fabrics.

DIY Burlap Christmas Garland for mantle


3. Hanging Garland for Ceiling, Walls, Windows and Mantles

Thread different sized pom poms or cotton balls on fishing wire or clear string for an indoor snow flurry garland! This would make a great Christmas party, wedding decoration, or window decor.

Transform windows, hallways, doorways, mantels, or even walls with hanging ornaments.

Use ribbon or string and even clear fishing wire! Don’t be afraid to use different sizes and shapes.

DIY Candy Cane Window Garland


Make hanging candy canes for your window using festive colored ribbon.

For a glam look you can even use beads for hanging garland! TIP: Use Styrofoam balls coated in glue and rolled in glitter for larger sized ornaments.

Do the same to mantels and chandeliers for a dazzling centerpiece.

If you don’t have string, just hang ornaments directly on the chandelier with hooks for a winter wedding worthy look.

Hang garland, snowflakes, and ornaments from your Chandelier for easy festive ceiling decor that doubles as a centerpiece.

For more glamour hang DIY or dollar store snowflakes off of chandeliers. This can double as a centerpiece over your table.

You can also glue or tie string or clear thread to dollar store snowflakes to make hanging snowflake garland!

Thread them with pearls or forego the string altogether and glue or tie them to eachother.

Don’t forget the banister!

Easy DIY Hanging Ornament Decorations using ribbon. Perfect Christmas decorating idea for the bannister, ceiling, mantle, and wall. Elegant home decor, party decor or winter wedding idea on a budget.


Use festive string, ribbon or even burlap!

Easy DIY hanging mantel ornaments using burlap. Elegant Christmas decoration idea for mantle, window, ceiling, or wall. Great budget decor idea for the home, winter wedding, or Christmas party. Dollar store.



Hang garland from a Dollar Store picture frame. Coat everything including the string in glitter for a opulent look.

4. Fill Your Containers With Christmas

Grab a vase, basket, cake stand, plate, or even bucket and fill it with all things Christmas.

We do this with leftover Christmas odds and ends that we can’t find a place for.

White and silver ornaments on a 3 tier tray luxury DIY Christmas decor


Transform a 3 tier serving tray into a luxurious display using metallic and glitter ornaments in the color of your choice.

Have wedding centerpiece vases lying around? Fill them with ornaments and lights!

You can use ornaments, pinecones, ribbon, candles, or create a Christmas scene using salt or fake snow as a base. 

A black, silver, and gold filling could double as New Year’s Eve décor and hold those NYE party favors.

Store your gift wrapping supplies like ribbons and bows and ornaments in apothecary jars.

Anytime you need a bow, ribbon, or ornament just open up the jars and grab one. If you empty it early on you can always fill it up with other Christmas stuff.

Easy DIY Fish Bowl Snowman. Elegant Christmas Decoration idea for the mantle, table, wedding, party. Great budget decor.

Fishbowl Snowman Decor GET TUTORIAL HERE

Stack your vases or fill them with your favorite Christmas scene.

Christmas tree centerpiece

Cardboard Gingerbread Houses


Make easy and cheap realistic looking cardboard gingerbread houses to stand alone or put in your apothecary jars and canisters using white paint, a paint pen, or even white out.

Cardboard Gingerbread House Villiage


Don’t stop at houses, you can make complete faux gingerbread villages from cardboard boxes just as easily.

Cardboard Gingerbread Villiage Votive


Faux gingerbread villages can be used as votives with battery powered candles and Christmas lights that light them up from behind.

Gingerbread villiage centerpiece idea


5. Candles

Bring out your cake stands and pedestals to fill with candles, pinecones, or anything else that puts you in the spirit.

Roll mason jars in glue, epsom salt, and even glitter for EASY Snowy Mason jar Luminaries and votive candles.

DIY Snowy Mason Jar Christmas Decoration


This super easy and popular craft is amazingly beautiful on a table.

Easy DIY Snowy votive


Can you believe these were quickly made with dollar store votive glasses, glue, and Epsom salt?!

DIY Winter Candle Votives


Here is just another easy yet beautiful variation of what you can do with glue and Epsom salt on glass. This centerpiece is channeling a Frozen theme.


Do the same with twigs and any vases or votives you have lying around. Just trim the twigs to your desired length, glue on, and you have a beautiful rustic decoration.

DIY Glittery twig candle holders


Have any paper cups lying around?! Coat twigs in Mod Modge (or elmers) glue, roll them in glitter, and glue them to the bottom of a paper cup. For the full tutorial click on the “TUTORIAL” link.

DIY Christmas Napkin Decopage Candle


Have battery operated candles hanging around? Make them Christmas candles in MINUTES using paper Christmas napkins and glue!

DIY Christmas votive candles


Here’s something to do with the left over ends of your candles or wax melts, make easy festive Christmas votives out of cookie cutters!

Turn your wine glasses into containers and candle holders for an instant holiday centerpiece or decoration that costs nothing. 

This is what you do to your spare ornaments. 

Glue together dollar store candlesticks and glass bowls for beautiful votives and centerpieces you can use year round.

6. DIY Snowflakes

Snowflake decorations are great because once Christmas is over, you can keep them up all winter long.

You can buy them at the dollar store or make them yourself to suit any style from farm house to glam easily.

There are several ways you can make snowflakes yourself. One easy way is to glue together popsicle sticks in the shape of a snowflake.

They can be painted, glazed, or glittered out.  Even kids can help!

Make them as simple or intricate as you want and small or large. 

Easy DIY Snowflake Christmas Decoration Craft

Via VictoriaElizabethBarnes.com

Another way to DIY snowflakes is to cut them out of cardstock and paint, sprinkle with glitter, or decorate it with anything you’d like. 

Probably one of our favorite methods is the hot glue gun method. All you need is wax or parchment paper, a printed out snowflake design, and hot glue.  

Place the parchment paper over the snowflake design and trace it with hot glue. Once dry peel them off and place on the window or glue to string to make hanging snowflake garland.

You can make them sparkle by painting them with Mod Podge and sprinkling with glitter.

TIP: You can also use puff paint or elmer’s glue. However the elmer’s glue method works best on smaller snowflakes. ALSO try using the new glow in the dark elmer’s glue for glowing night time snowflake ornaments on your tree!

The least messy DIY method for making snowflakes is the pipecleaner method. Just cut pipe cleaner and twist into a snowflake design. Add a little rhinestone in the center for sparkle.

This method is great for kids!

Whatever method you choose, snowflakes also look great hanging from a door…

hanging from windows…

or even under your plate!

You can even put wrapping paper or pictures on it and make a nice keep sake.

These window clings are a great way to dress up your windows from the inside. The tutorial is for snowflakes but you can do stars, a snowman, or just about any pattern you want. Sprinkle them with glitter or even paint them with nail polish.

These would also make cute ornaments as well. All you need is a hot glue gun and parchment paper.

TIP: If you want to make it more sturdy then after the hot glue dries, peel the snowflake off the parchment, and add a layer of Mod Podge before decorating.

7. Pinecone Decorations

Pinecones are readily available no matter where you live and you can do so many beautiful things with them. Here are the best ways to decorate using these adorable little Christmas staples. 

Easy DIY Pincone Christmas Tree Flower Pot Craft

Via HomeDecorationNow.com

Even one little pinecone can make an adorable Christmas tree. If you have a bunch of pinecones you can also easily make a larger tree.

Easy DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees Craft

Via Disney’s Babble.com/Lauren J Photography

When we were little we used to go on walks with our mom and collect pinecones then we’d take them home to decorate.

DIY Pinecone Christmas trees with wood branch base


Pinecones on their own can make adorable stand up tabletop trees. If you want to make them fancier use a hot glue gun to glue wine bottle corks, or wooden slabs from tree branches to the base.

Make larger trees like the one above using a large clay pot or planter and a simple cone made out of card stock. Paint and decorate pinecone trees to your liking.

They’re great for

  • Offices,
  • Bathrooms
  • Centerpieces
  • Mantles, or even on the porch
  • Roll pinecones in glitter
  • Spray paint them silver or gold
  • string them in a garland
  • turn them into trees
  • make them scented and put them in a basket or vase with Christmas lights
How to make: Easy DIY Christmas Decorations using pinecones. Perfect Christmas or winter decoration, craft, or wedding centerpiece. Great Budget decor ideas for the home. #Christmas #Wedding #Pinecones #White


…the possibilities are endless.

Trap a pinecone in your Champagne glasses and top with a votive for a wedding worthy centerpiece.

Add a branch covered in glue and glitter and you can make a beautiful centerpiece for your table or mantel.

Before making any of the items above you can scent them so they double as air freshener!

8. Candy Cane Decorations

Easy DIY Candy Cane Christmas Decoration Crafts

Via Pinterest

Seldom do most people eat all the candy canes they’re given, so why not make some eye candy out of them? From vases to place cards to candlesticks, there’s a plethora of easy, classy decorations you can make. Check out this nice little list:

9. Cone Decorations

Cone decorations are super easy yet super classy and you can put just about anything on them.

Just take poster board or even construction paper, roll it in a cone, brush it with glue and decorate it with glitter, beads, rhinestones, or anything else your heart desires.

For longer lasting ones, use the tutorial above that involves spray sealant.

This could easily be used at a wedding too.

For a more colorful look turn them into Santa!

Easy DIY Christmas Sequin Cone Tree. Perfect for the mantle, or table, or even bathroom. Easy, elegant Christmas Decor idea for the home on a budget.

Sum of Their Stories

Make your own Christmas tree easily with cones and garland!

Easy DIY String Christmas Tree


Whether you use a styrofoam form or cardstock cone, you can easily make this dollar store string Christmas tree in all sizesz and colors.

Easy DIY Christmas Garland Mini Tree. Perfect tree alternative or for the mantle or table. Great elegant budget decor idea for the home.

Find Tutorial at MeAndJorge

Use some rolled up cardstock, garland, and a glue gun. Top it off with ornaments!

You can also use styrofoam and ornaments for an easy holiday tree.

Combine ornaments, garland, and lights for a realistic tree decoration that lights up!

10. Wooden Indoor or Outdoor Decorations

Steal a couple of logs from your fireplace stash to make this cheap and easy indoor and outdoor Log Deer rustic decoration. You can make a Rudolph version or pick your favorite of Santa’s Reindeer.

Kids will LOVE this too!

Don’t forget Frosty! These use a few items you already have lying around the house. You can paint on the face or use any kind of items you want, get creative!

What a great way to store extra fire wood, when you’re done using them you can burn them in your fireplace! 

Simply stack logs or use glue and pegs!

Wood Santa Claus Decoration


Make this pack of Santas for your porch out of fallen branches and paint. You can DIY these or purchase them through the link.

11. Clay Pot Christmas Decor

Stack your clay pots and paint them.

Here is yet another version of a clay pot snowman.

If you have a fishbowl vase, add some clay pots and saucers to make the perfect candy jar that would make a great gift!

You can use clay or terra cotta pots to make Christmas trees of all sizes.

Make clay pot candy dishes or vases.

Need a unique DIY gift basket alternative? How about putting their favorite things in a claypot Santa!

Here is a décor ideas for the sports fans in your life! 

NutCracker fans of all ages will love this clay pot idea. Just stack various claypot sizes, then paint and embellish!

Claypots can even make great candle holders or candle gifts!

Don’t forget your bathroom! With terra cotta pots every room can have a Christmas tree. This is exceptionally easy to make!

12. Christmas Branches

This is the ultimate in centerpiece, mantle, and even wedding décor but costs practically nothing!

Grab some fallen branches outside, coat in glue, and sprinkle with glitter. Place them in a vase and you have an impressive Christmas display.

You can even forego the glitter and just stick branches in a vase and hang lights and ornaments on them.

Silver and gold, pinecones, and pearls are just a few things you can fill your vase and branches with.

You can add just a touch of sequins or glitter to the branches making an elegant and beautiful display.

13. Vases and Jars

Although many of the ideas above can be used for a vase or container there are a few hacks worth mentioning.

Save those empty jars from Thanksgiving! Grab an empty tomato sauce or pickle jar and glue dollar store beads to it for a beautiful vase or container.

Use an empty coffee can to make a container you can store anything in or use for a gift! Just paint the coffee can the color of your choice and use cardstock for the bottom. 

Dollar store vases get a Farmhouse Glam makeover with white paint and sand paper. These are ridiculously easy to make and can hold anything from candlesticks to tree branches (Click on “source” under the photo for the full tutorial). Add some glitter for a bit of sparkle.

DIY No Water Christmas Snow globe


Make a quick and easy waterless snow globe out of leftover jars or clear containers. This is an excellent Christmas decor craft for kids and adults.

14. DIY Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Ideas

Lighted Wall Christmas Decor Tree with Photos


Don’t have a Christmas, or the room for one? Then make one on your wall!

Wall Photo Christmas Tree Decoration with lights


Make this simple photo tree for the wall using lights, command hooks or thumb tacks, clothes pins, and photos. You can even use Christmas cards.

Cheap DIY Wall Christmas Tree


This idea works for ANY room and ANY budget making it genius for kids, teens, bedrooms, and apartments because you can make it out of virtually anything.

Wall Christmas Tree Decor


Use dollar store command hooks and lights, garland, tinsel or even photos on string.

You can even decorate your tree with ornaments once you’re done!

Driftwood Christmas tree


Make a wall Christmas tree out of driftwood and string or purchase the one above on etsy.

Wall Hanging Christmas tree


You can buy the above wall Christmas tree or attempt to make it yourself using command hooks and wire garland.

Wall Christmas Tree Decoration Gold


You can use gold string and command hooks or thumb tacks and nails. Design the tree over a table or add a shelf to the bottom with garland to enhance the elegance.



Use a Dollar Store frame and ornaments to create your own Christmas wreath alternative for your door, wall, or mantle! You can make this elegant or rustic.

DIY White Luxury Christmas Wreath Cheap


Use a white wreath form or pool noodle and dollar store garland to make an incredibly easy yet luxurious looking white Christmas wreath.

Dollar Store FarmHouse Picture Frame Christmas Decor


Make a Country Christmas FarmHouse version using silver painted dollar store wood letters and garland hot glued to a white frame.

DIY Dollar Store Vintage Car Wreath


Glue Garland and dollar store ribbon on to a dollar store frame for a unique vintage wreath for your door or wall.

DIY Cardboard Christmas Decor Wreath


Make this easy yet unique farmhouse wreath out of cardboard and fabric.

Easy DIY Fabric and Hoop Dollar Store Christmas Wreath


Here is another version using a hoop and fabric.

DIY Wall Christmas Decor Wreath using ornaments


DIY Ornament Christmas wreath


Glue dollars store ornaments to a dollar store form to create a luxurious looking Christmas ornament wreath for cheap. Hang it on your door, above your mantle, on your wall, or even on the kitchen cabinets.

Easy DIY Dollar Store Pom Pom Wreath


Make a pom pom Christmas wreath out of Dollar Store yarn and cut card board or a floral form.

16. Christmas Stockings

DIY Rose Gold Luxurious Sequin Christmas Stockings


Make an easy custom made stocking that only looks expensive.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite, easy, no fail Christmas decor ideas for every budget. They’ll have your home looking like a Hallmark card year after year with the greatest of ease.  If you haven’t already, don’t forget to bookmark or pin this post for reference to use next year as well.

Have a very Merry Christmas and the best New year yet!


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