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Meet “The Twins”

You could call us twinsiders but everyone calls us “The Twins”. We’re identical twin millennials, business owners, investors, artists, and real life Rapunzels raised in the city of Los Angeles. We grew up in the entertainment industry (t.v. & motion picture) and we’re ready to dish everything we know to help you DIY your way to luxury.

Luxury DIY

Twins Dish is for people who don’t have time for anything but the best. We’re dishing the creme de la creme of gifts, crafts, party planning tips, beauty secrets, and discoveries to make your DIYs effortlessly luxurious and much more fun.

We’re serving up only the most efficient methods and products that are worth your time, money, and energy to empower you with the best.

Unicorn Products

Our experience and education in journalism and public relations makes us savvy to P.R. fluff. Believe it or not high quality doesn’t always mean the highest price (or hype) and when it does, we’ll let you know if it’s worth it with our honest reviews of: 

We’ll share those unicorn products people don’t think exist, that magical mixture of the best quality and the lowest price.

Let’s Dish!

So, whether it’s finding a super easy recipe that will impress your guest(s), a $4.99 mascara that blows away all designer brands, how to make your Graduation Party special, or secrets to long hair growth from Real Life Rapunzels, we’ll cut through the clutter and give you the best.

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