Farmhouse Glam Christmas and Winter Decor

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We mixed the rustic charm of the country with Hollywood glamour to create an easy DIY Farmhouse Glam Christmas. You’ll find a collection of picture perfect Christmas décor ideas for anyone wanting the best of both worlds.

Includes DIY ornament Christmas tree ideas.

Breathtaking Farmhouse Glam Christmas Decor Ideas that'll transform your home - Rustic yet elegant winter painted pinecone centerpiece craft idea with candles #snowflakes

Rustic pinecones are given a glamorous makeover with white paint, a whitewashed tray and candles. Sprinkle with glitter for some extra sparkle.

Items can be found around the house or at the dollar store.

Capture a single pinecone in an upside down champagne flute for a romantic farmhouse glam votive that’ll cost you nothing.

Breathtaking Farmhouse Glam Christmas Decorations that cost nothing. Elegant Christmas or winter decoration, craft, or wedding centerpiece. Easy Budget decor ideas for the home or party. Holiday decor and DIY projects. #DIY #MantleDecorIdea #wedding #Christmas


Christmas tree clippings on a cake stand, platter, or in a vase with a few pinecones and a candle is Christmas décor magic for your table or mantle. Add lights for elegance.

Easy DIY Rustic Farmhouse Glam Glitter Bulb Christmas Ornament That Looks Store Bought. Farmhouse Christmas tree idea and Rustic Christmas decor or gift idea for the home.


Brush mod podge on vintage Christmas bulbs and dip in glitter. Store in an apothecary jar or vintage bowl for your table or mantle. You can also wrap the ends in twine or rope to hang on the Christmas tree or make into garland.

The above glitter bulbs would look amazing hanging from glitter branches!

Collect some outdoor branches, spray or brush them with adhesive or Mod Podge and coat with glitter for the ultimate Farmhouse Glam branches that’ll transform your home.

Put the branches in a vase, spray them with gold or silver, you can even hang ornaments or your glitter bulbs from them, or string them with lights.

Your home or party will feel like a winter wonderland!

You don’t even need to add glitter just add glittery ornaments and lights for a farmhouse meets glam look for free.

For the most amazing easy DIY Christmas ornaments to fill up your sparkle branches visit our post!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Glam Christmas canister. Elegant Christmas Decoration idea for the mantle, table, wedding, party. Stunning budget decor.


Fill your apothecary jars or canisters with a Christmas scene of your choice or just use them to store pinecones and ornaments.

Easy DIY Rustic Farmhouse Glam Christmas Christmas lantern That Looks Store Bought. Farmhouse Christmas and Rustic decor or gift idea for the home. Uses dollar store materials.


These beautiful frame lanterns were created from dollar store frames and glue. Use them to fill with all things Christmas or your favorite candles. Rustic elegance at it’s finest.

Easily turn wine glasses into Farmhouse masterpiece snow globes for your mantle, table or even bathroom. Use silver ribbon and wrap the stem in twine or rope for an extra farmhouse glam look.

Add a wreath to your mirror or, if you don’t have a mirror, place an old window on the wall above your fireplace or mantle and add a wreath. Finish the look off by adding lights, garland, pinecones, and candles.  This versatile look could work in an apartment or home.

Here is some lifestyle magic! You can easily make these beautiful glitter cone trees out of cardstock, glue and glitter. This is another Farmhouse glam mantle idea that will transform your home but costs nothing. Wedding worthy.

We hope this post helps you create the Farmhouse Glam Christmas of your dreams. Please keep in mind this list is a work in progress. We add more ideas all of the time, so keep checking back!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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How to make: Easy DIY Christmas Decorations that cost nothing. Elegant Christmas or winter decoration, craft, or wedding centerpiece. Great Budget decor ideas for the home or party. #Christmas #Wedding #MantleDecorIdea

Dish it to your friends!

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