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Outdoor Grad Party Picture Display with lights

35 Outdoor Graduation Party Decor Ideas

The hottest new trend in outdoor Grad Party ideas and themes is a backyard evening Graduation Party or “Grad Party After Dark”. Switching your party to evening is perfect for avoiding the Summer heat and allows you the opportunity to design gorgeous ambient lighting concepts

Photo Bouquet Centerpieces

30 Graduation Party Centerpieces You’ll Use Forever

This Post is all about Graduation Party Centerpieces! How do you decorate a Graduation Party table? With Graduation party centerpieces of course! Centerpieces are important since tables are where guests will spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and looking for something to entertain themselves

Dorm room tips on what not to do. #College #CollegeDorm #Dorm #Dormroom

What NOT To Do To Your Dorm

Although most schools offer dorm room ideas and guidelines on what to do and bring to your dorm, there are some universal tips we have only learned from experience. Here are 7 (do’s and) don’ts for your dorm that no one thinks about but you

Prom Dresses, Pictures, Hair, Shoes. A Checklist of what will ruin Prom.

How To Have a VSCO Picture Perfect Prom

The time has come! It’s the last dance party of your high school career! You’ve come way too far for way too long, don’t ruin it by making one of these critical Prom party fouls. From dresses, pictures, to hair, make up and dates…we covered

Graduation party ideas for highschool and college, boys and girls. Tips and DIY for food, snacks, decorations, pictures, and cap decorations on a budget.

10 Things NOT To Do At Your Graduation Party

Congratulations you made it through school and now it’s time to party, but after working so hard the last thing you want to do is more work for your Graduation celebration. While we’re sure you’re swimming in ideas of what to do for your Grad