6 Quotes That’ll Get You Over Any Break Up

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Dealing with a break up or getting the strength to leave a bad relationship can be one of the most emotionally painful experiences in life but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’ve just had a break up or are trying to gain the strength to leave a toxic relationship, here are some words of wisdom that’ll make you realize it isn’t as bad as you think.

If someone is making you miserable more than happy it’s time to either give yourself space from them or break up period. 

If you’re breaking up, don’t worry, odds are they’ll be back like a boomerang or you’ll realize they weren’t the great catch you thought they were. 

As much as it may hurt, now may be the time to do what’s best for your soul while breaking your heart. When in doubt respect yourself by doing whatever brings you peace (as long as it’s legal).

Why are you so heart broken and upset? Is it because you loved them or did you love things about them you wish you had yourself?

Rather than lashing out and hurting be aware of why you feel the way you feel. Working on being the person of your dreams instead of seeking it in someone else may be all you need.

Although it’s great to give yourself a dose of constructive criticism and learn from all relationships, don’t take everything personal. In the end the reason for their actions is a problem with them not you. Give yourself the closure you need when they don’t by realizing this.

Sometimes in the end you have to accept that you kissed a frog, you were fooled. You lived, you learned, you took the chance, and they turned out to be a dud. What you will TRULY regret is the amount of time you’ll waste if you hang on to them longer than you have to.












Prevention is key. Avoid people that disturb your inner peace and mess with your psyche. There is a difference between someone who challenges you and someone who destroys you.












Sometimes when we like people we try to rationalize their behavior giving them the benefit of the doubt. When you start to run out of excuses and they never run out of insults it’s time to walk away.

Close your eyes and imagine you never met them. Does that make you happy and bring you peace? If the answer is yes then you didn’t lose anything of value other than your time(which is pretty valuable so don’t waste anymore).

You are not doomed, this isn’t the end of your world. There will be a new Chapter in your life whether you like it or not.

You can’t stop your life, the story must go on. Your ex may not be in the next Chapter but this isn’t the end of the story…

Your ex may even reappear in future Chapters of your story if only for you to turn them away.

Quotes and Wisdom for dating, love, relationships, and boyfriend that'll get you through any break up. Inspirational Life quotes to live by. #Boyfriend

The Wedding Date

Look at this as an exciting time and possibly a blessing in disguise. Always remember, they didn’t die…you just broke up…and more often than not they’ll be back (though you may not want them).

Quotes and Wisdom for dating, love, relationships, and boyfriend that'll get you through any break up. Inspirational Life quotes to live by.


Remember the above quote by Nancy Padillo, don’t chase anyone, instead get your life together and you’ll run into them later when you’re on top of the world.

Although it’s best for you to move on don’t make hasty or major decisions based on temporary emotions. Take some time until you’re feeling like yourself again.

Stay away from drastic hair cuts, moving states, or quitting jobs.

Instead opt for something more temporary like taking a vacation, trying out a new wig or faux bangs, or browsing the job market.

Try temporarily fostering a puppy instead of adopting one.

If you work or go to school with your ex, consider taking a vacation or some sick days to gain some distance and perspective until you feel like you again.

Now is the time to recharge with only the most nutritious soul food…it’ll change your life.

Go on a soul diet.

Spend this recovery time to reassess your life and surroundings, and edit your life ruthlessly.

While you’re successfully editing your life and nourishing your insides, you’ll want your outsides to match too…this is where the fun happens. Be prepared to attract attention…the good kind you deserve.

…and when your success attracts the wrong kind of attention you’ll be soo over it. Who’s the loser now?

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We hope these quotes gave you the encouragement you needed to conquer this break up like a boss. In the end the only regret you might have is the time you wasted getting over them.

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