Easy DIY Easter Cake made with pastel candy eggs. Easy Easter cake dessert ideas.

Top 20 Easy Easter Cake Ideas That Look Professional

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Updated January 23, 2023

No matter what, every year Easter dessert is always left last minute and we always end up just serving candy. This year we found a way to make that work for us.

Put that excess Easter candy to use with these gorgeous Easter cake decorating hacks using Easter candy and easy last minute Easter dessert recipes. They’re super easy and look professionally done.

Chocolate Bunnies Easter Cake

 Chocolate cake decorated with chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. Easy DIY Easter Dessert Idea

Line a cake with chocolate bunnies and cover the top with Easter candies instead of having to frost a whole cake. This instantly makes any cake look professionally decorated. Get the tutorial here.

Kit Kat Easter Cake

Cake decorated with Kit Kats and candy eggs. Easy DIY Easter Dessert Idea

If you don’t have chocolate Easter bunnies use Kit Kats. Just cover the top with pastel chocolate eggs, M&Ms, jelly beans, or shredded coconut. Source.

Easy DIY Easter Candy cake that looks professional. Easter desserts ideas.

Don’t forget to wrap it in a bow and add a bunny tush. SOURCE

Colorful Easter Poke Cake

Easy Colorful Easter Dessert Poke Cake

This festive Easter Poke cake recipe is quick, easy, moist, and delicious! Get the recipe here.

Peeps Easter Cake Ideas

Peeps Easter Basket Cake

Try this quick and easy Easter bundt cake for your table get the tutorial here.

You can do the same thing with Peeps and M&Ms to instantly make any cake look professional. Get the tutorial here.

Cake decorated with Kit Kats and candy eggs. Easy DIY Easter Dessert Idea.


This is a good way to cover up a quick and uneven frosting job, just smack some Peeps on it. 

Peeps sunflower brownie Easter cake

Here is a super easy beautiful sunflower brownie cake idea with Peeps. Get the tutorial here.

Sunflower Peeps Easter Cake Idea


Cake decorated with Peeps and green shredded coconut. Easy DIY Easter Dessert Idea.

You could use green food coloring and shredded coconut for an Easter grass top, bunny Peeps on the side, and M&Ms or jelly beans on top. Source

Elegant Cake decorated with Yellow Peeps and candy balls. Easy DIY Easter Dessert Idea.

This is an easy and more elegant take on an Easter Peeps cake. White sprinkles, lemon drops, and chick Peeps creates this gorgeous look. Get the tutorial here.

Super Easy Easter Bunny Dirt Cake for kids using Peeps. Simple Easter cake decorating ideas and dessert recipes.

Need a SUPER easy Easter Dessert Cake? Chocolate pudding, Oreos, coconut flakes, and Peeps are all it takes to make this Easter Bunny Dirt Cake! Get the Recipe Here!

Chocolate Pastel Eggs Easter Cakes

Elegant Cake decorated with candy eggs. Easy DIY Easter Dessert Idea.

Pastel chocolate eggs is all you need to recreate this look. Get the recipe and tutorial here.

Easy and Elegant Mini Easter Bundt Cakes for kids using candy eggs. Simple Easter cake decorating ideas and dessert recipes.

Looking for something super easy yet elegant, try these mini Easter Bundt cakes. Get the tutorial and recipe here.

Easy and Elegant Speckled Eggs Easter Cake decorating idea. Simple Easter cake decorating ideas and dessert recipes.

You can use chocolate or even plastic eggs to create this easy Easter Cake design by Wilton.

Robin’s Nest Easter Cake

Robin eggs cake. Easy DIY Easter dessert ideas.

This robin eggs cake is gorgeous and a lot easier than it looks. You can do this on any cake. Cocoa mixed with alcohol or vanilla flavoring makes the specks, shredded coconut makes the nest, and chocolate pastel eggs finishes it off. You don’t even have to frost it perfectly and you can make it any color you choose. Source

Easter Bunny Shaped Cakes

Easy Easter Bunny Cut Up Cake for kids using Peeps. Simple Easter cake decorating ideas and dessert recipes.

This idea is a classic! Use two round cakes to create a super easy bunny shape. View the full tutorial here.

Easy DIY Easter Bunny Cut Up Cake for kids using Peeps. Simple Easter cake decorating ideas and dessert recipes.

This easy bunny cake uses one circle cake pan to make! View full tutorial here.

Lamb Easter Cake

Cute Lamb cake-easy DIY Easter cakes decorating ideas for kids

Marshmallows and some dark frosting or melted chocolate are all you need to make this adorable little lamb cake by Kraft Heinz. Kids will love this and they can help too!! SOURCE

Butterfly Shaped Easter Cake

Easy DIY Easter Butterfly shaped cakeCake

You have to try this easy butterfly cake for your Easter table or Spring Birthday.

Easy Bunny Sugar Cookie Cake Decorating Idea

Easy, Elegant, and Simple Easter Cake decorating idea using Bunny Sugar Cookies. Simple DIY Easter cake decorating ideas and dessert recipes for Easter Dinner.

This idea combines two of the most popular Easter Desserts: Bunny sugar cookies and cake. This is a super easy and simple yet elegant way to dress up your cake this Easter. View the full tutorial here.

Weren’t those designs gorgeous?! We haven’t decided which one we’ll do yet, we’re even leaving that up to the last minute.

Be sure to post pics of your creations to our Pin or let us know about others to try.


Super easy DIY Easter Cake decorations that look professional, using Easter candy.



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Dish it to your friends!

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