Worst Grad Party Food Ideas

Worst Graduation Party Food Ideas

Dish it to your friends!

Congratulations! You made it through school and now you’re probably fishing the internet looking for the best Graduation Party food ideas for your celebration.

WARNING: Read this post before you consider those cute and trendy Grad party food ideas on Pinterest because they may lead to a disaster. 

Here are some crucial Graduation Party food dos and don’ts that we’ve seen stand in the way of having an absolutely perfect party.

We’ll also give you tips on what to do instead that’ll make the planning process fun and easy!

Keep posted as we keep adding new ideas we remember all of the time.

1. Don’t Have Displayed Fruit

Best Graduation Party Foods - Fruit

 It’s nearly impossible for every guest at your Grad Party to not put their fingers all over those grapes (pictured above) even while using tongs.

How to serve Grad Party Fruit

Display fruit for guests so that it’s pretty to look at yet easy to eat!

How to serve Grad Party Fruit

Don’t forget tongs or a large spoon to make your fruit accessible and sanitary.

2. Don’t Have Chocolate 

Worst Grad Party Food

We know you’ve seen a ton of these trendy candy bars with candy puns but be warned: Don’t serve chocolate, especially loosely wrapped, if your Grad party is outdoors and in a warm or sunny climate. Within minutes that chocolate will become mushy and cause a mess when handled, it’s happened to us.

Best Graduation Party Foods

Instead opt for hard candy that’s securely wrapped like ring pops.

Best Graduation Candy Bar

Here are some other candies that make great puns for a Graduation candy bar :

  • ring pops
  • smarties
  • nerds
  • Tootsie Pops
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Starburst
fillable acrylic letters for Graduation Candy Bar

Fillable acrylic letters will make a show stopping candy pun bar for any gender. They may be available to rent for cheap at your local event rental company or you can purchase them here on alibaba or here on etsy.

Graduation Party Candy Bar Idea Acrylic Fillable Letters

You can use one acrylic letter, or two for initials, or your whole name, or a phrase like “Yay” or “Grad. They also have numbers available. Everyone will want to take a picture of this candy bar. It will definitely double as a photo backdrop!

Grad Party Food Candy Bar

Candy puns are the best way to put a Graduation party food spin on an otherwise ordinary candy bar without chocolate. Don’t forget those candy pun labels! 

3. Don’t Let Guests Use Their Hands

Best Graduation Party Food Ideas

Don’t leave food items such as cookies, lunch meats, chips, or unwrapped candy stacked on platters that people have to grab with their hands. 

Grad Party Color School Themed Candy

Instead add a scooper or tongs to candy, food platters, and bowls.

4. Don’t Have High Maintenance Food

Worst Grad Party Food

Unless the Queen of England is going to be in attendance save the super fancy gourmet food for your Wedding. Food that requires a lot of prep time, set up, or is difficult to cover are all foods you may want to avoid. Rather than gourmet food dress up quick, easy, and delicious dishes that have mass appeal, but use few utensils.

Walking Taco Bar Easy Graduation Party Food


Instead opt for low maintenance food like Walking Tacos (above) that require very little prep time and will save you on paper plates, plus they’re delicious. You can cook the taco meat and have it stored in a crock pot or covered hot plate.

You want something that’s easy for guests to pick up and easy to throw out.

5. Avoid Pasta and Rice Unless You Can Properly Store It

Graduation Party Food Display idea

If your Grad party may be a long one you may want to rethink that pasta and rice. If left out too long and not stored properly, cooked pasta and rice can grow bacteria. Just read this article about a College student and his friend who ate left out noodles and rice (both vomited and one became gravely ill).

6. Don’t Leave Food Uncovered

Graduation Party Ideas Nacho Bar

Why run the very high risk of serving your guests bugs or germs in their food? Who needs the stress?

Chips and Salsa Graduation Party Food Bar

We’ve been too a Grad Party that had the above chips and salsa bar and it turned into a nightmare. Not only did bugs fly into the salsa but a gust of wind blew off the chips and we watched a real life recreation of the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds as they all feasted on the chips scattered on the lawn.

Germ Free Single serving covered Graduation Party Food Ideas

Covering food is just as easy and will put your mind at ease. Repurpose plastic drinking cups and use take out boxes. Use food tents, a simple dinner plate or platter over a bowl, a covered casserole dish, a crockpot, a smoker for bbq, or even an apothecary jar.

Graduation Party Food Ideas Drink Cover

For drinks you can use cupcake liners or even mason jars with lids.

Best Grad Party Food Ideas

You can use those same plastic cups for your cupcakes and treats too!

Graduation Party Cupcake Display
Photo Credit TOP, Photo Credit BOTTOM

You don’t have to say good bye to those fancy DIY cupcake stands…

Covered Germ Free Cupcakes Graduation Party Foods

Just place plastic cocktail cups over your cupcakes.

Bonus: Don’t Forget the Citronella Candles to Keep Bugs Away!

7. Don’t Only Offer Junk Food And Candy

Best Grad Party Desserts

It’s your Grad party so splurge a little but be sure to offer healthier options for your guests. Friends or relatives with heart problems or who are diabetic will appreciate the gesture. Put out fruit next to the candy, vegetable crudite next to the chips, and salad next to the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Don’t forget an alternative to sugary sodas and sports drinks too!

8. Avoid Batch Foods With Serving Spoons When You Can

Graduation Party Ideas Food

There’s always that one child or tipsy adult who dips their chip directly into the bean dip after they already took a bite!

Yes, we’ve actually seen this in action at parties and it’s mortifying. The chances of it are greater if little kids are coming and adults are drinking.

Keep germs at bay by putting dips, guacamole, and even salad in single serving plastic cups or glasses that guests can quickly grab instead of one big bowl or platter on the food table to prevent absent minded double dipping.

Usually with self serve batch food you get random spills and messy accidents on the tables, individual portions will keep your food table clean and eliminate the need for serving spoons.

9. Don’t Forget The Hand Sanitizer

After 2020 we all appreciate the presence of hand sanitizer at the table! Make these visible and available for guests to easily use.

10. Prepare for a Breeze

If you live in a windy climate please don’t forget to secure any table clothes or napkins. We have seen tables upon tables of food scattered to the wind or ruined from an uplifted tablecloth.

11. Prepare for Trash

Luau skirt Graduation Party Decor for Trash can

Keep those trash cans visible and handy. If they’re eye sores then don’t worry about covering them up to fit your Grad Party theme! 

We hope this list helps you plan the Grad party you’ll never forget. Congrats Grad! The future is yours!


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