Quick at home workouts for women that burn fat fast

At Home Workouts That Are Better Than The Gym

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Getting beach body ready from home isn’t just possible, it’s preferable! Unless you’re a body builder, you don’t need that gym membership. These at home workouts and challenges made us quit the gym. They will surprisingly give you better results faster, take less than 20 minutes out of your day (for only 2 weeks), and they’re all FREE. None of them require equipment. 

If you’re lamenting losing gym access, don’t fret, your fitness doesn’t have to suffer. Checkout this list of our favorite at home Youtube workouts and you may quit the gym too!

Youtube At Home Workouts That Are Better Than The gym

Holly Dolke


Holly Dolke uses short High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit) videos to melt the fat off of you as fast as possible.

Her home workouts don’t require ANY EQUIPMENT (except for a yoga mat or towel) and she doesn’t even wear sneakers.

We’ve collectively lost 20 lbs. with her workouts.

We’ve seen better results from her 4-15 minute fat burner videos than other 30 minute workouts or the elliptical.

Here’s our ode to Holly and what we love about her, including some of her best workouts:

  • Perfectly edited easy to follow videos with an on screen timer and window in the corner that shows you what moves are coming up next
  • While you have short bursts of intense exercise, you get a 20-50 second rest in between so it makes her workout routines easier to stick to and much more doable.
  • Her moves are truly unique, we have not seen them anywhere else and she creates new ones all the time. She also has a coaching app.

Here are our favorite Holly videos:

Total Body Workouts

15 Minute Fast Fat Burner At Home Workout 

4 min. Butt Burner Workout Four minutes makes a difference. If you do this correctly you WILL feel the burn!

Glute Workouts


Ab Workouts

1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense) This was the first video of Holly’s we tried. It actually works! We stopped doing it because our stomach was starting to get too muscular so we picked a lighter routine.
The Best 9 Min. Ab Hiit Workout This one isn’t all floor workouts and it’s SLIGHTLY easier because it has 20 second segments with 10 second rests in between.
10 min. Flat Belly Workout This is more challenging because the intervals are 50 second with 10 second breaks in between.
Muffin Top Workout 15 Mins They say you can’t spot train but the results we got from this video make us believe otherwise.

Arm Workout


Thigh Workouts

Shelley Darlington (body builder)

Shelley is a body builder, but not all of her videos focus on the gym and weights. She has the absolute BEST video on how to properly do a Stomach Vacuum, which is the easiest and MOST effective stomach exercise for cinching your waist, and you don’t need equipment to do it.

Seriously, don’t attempt a stomach vacuum until you see her video because many fitness gurus get it wrong.

She also delivers great tips on diet and working out in a very humorous and entertaining way. She’s like the Lucille Ball of fitness gurus.

Here are our favorites:

Best Stomach Vacuum How To Video

10 min. Ab Floor Workout This one BURNS and all the laughing we do from her voice over only adds to the workout.

Heidi Powell On Dr. Oz

Here is a great variation of the stomach vacuum with a twist that we found on Dr. Oz. It boosts the cinching effect!

Stomach Vacuum Twist Exercise Forward to 4 min. mark

Chloe Ting

Chloe is the Workout Challenge Queen of Youtube.

People just adore her 2 and 3 week challenges and there are MANY AMAZING before and after videos on Youtube. We have friends who swear by her.

Her most popular challenge videos are below along with where you can find the entire collection of her workout challenges:

Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred 2019 – This is the original challenge that started it all. So many people have had such shocking results from this challenge that Chloe made a new updated one for 2020 that’s a bit more difficult. You can get Chloe’s 2020 2 Week Shred Challenge Here.


Sanne Vander

1 Week Thigh Gap Challenge Sanne does 100 reps each day of a different exercise and shows the results!

Tracy Campoli 

Tracy has the style of an old school fitness instructor. While her arm “bat wing” workouts on Youtube put her on the map, she has a bunch of other great workouts, including ones to lose baby weight.


Maya Prosser

Maya’s hip dip workout is a great boost to any butt routine. You’ll see results in 2 weeks.

Mr. London

He’s charming, has a British accent, and will enlighten you on the meaning of FUPA and hip dips without being crude. He also promotes a positive body image for women.

He has an upbeat personal training style with tough workouts and amazing before and afters of his clients.

Especially if you’ve had a bad break up and are in need of a glow up, Mr. London will get you through it!

Here are our favorite videos of Mr. London:

At Home Hourglass 30 Day Challenge He does all the great glute and ab activating exercises. Includes a free workout planner!
Hip Dip Exercises Mr. London gives a nice intro to hip dips. The 1st exercise he does in this video is at gym but the other 2 aren’t.
To be honest, other than the above 3, we haven’t done as much of his workout videos because we get so caught up watching his workout tips. He gives the most AMAZING tips on how to properly choose workout routines to achieve your body goals.
Here are just some of our favorites, you should definitely checkout his channel for more:

Eric Berg 

He’s a chiropractor and holistic expert who has a really simple ab exercise you can do while standing up if you have limited motion. If you also want tips on Keto, Intermittent fasting, and healing your body through food then his Youtube channel is a must.

Katie Dunlop via Pop Sugar

When we don’t want to do floor ab exercises, this is a good quickie.

Heather Robertson

Heather is GREAT for at home workouts involving workout equipment some people would have at home like resistance bands, dumbells, and yoga balls. If you’re into working out with weights (or even cans of tomato soup) then she has a wide variety of videos you’ll love. 

She also has some videos that just require sweat. Our favorite is below..

Stand Up abs 10 mins. There’s no rest in between reps with this workout so it really burns but it’s easy on the neck (and the music is so catchy)!

Janae Penn 

If you want to build that booty or curves for days then Janae will show you how. The proof is in her body. Her at home workouts are simple, straight to the point, with no chatter, and easy to follow. We like it that way.

Lisa Sansone

If you love the treadmill or walking then you HAVE to checkout Lisa’s videos. We bought one of her DVDs years ago and loved it, so we were thrilled to find she has a Youtube channel filled with all of her best walking and fitness videos…for FREE.

She’s not just good for intermediates but beginners, elderly, kids, and those who are pregnant. There are a wide range of walks available for all levels of fitness and the entire family.

Here are some of our favorites:

1 Mile Heart Healthy Walk 

12 Minute Walk At Fat Burning Pace

10 Minute Cardio Blast

Walk 15 Family Mile With Nick This is an amazing family workout video by one of Lisa’s associates! So much fun!

That rounds out our list of at home workouts that are better than the gym.

We’re so thankful that we can still get the best workout no matter what our schedule is like and save ourselves money and a TON of hassle in the process. There truly is NO excuse not to workout anymore.

We’re always on the lookout for new fitness favorites, so let us know if you find any in the comments section below so we can all check them out.

If you’re looking for a complete glow up fast then use these workouts in tandem with our easy 6 day glow up challenge statistically proven to increase your chances of finding love, landing a job, and making friends. 

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