8 Of The Best Picture Display Ideas For Your Grad Party

Dish it to your friends!

Show off all of the best memories from your school career in style without breaking your back or the bank!

Photo decorations are the perfect way to set the tone for your graduation party.

The trick is knowing where to display them and how so guests will actually see them.

Here are 8 of the best, easiest, and most attractive Grad party decoration ideas and tips using photos that you’ll ever find.

Some can even double as keepsakes that family can take home and cherish. All made the biggest impression on us at the Grad parties we’ve attended and we’re sure they will on your guests too.

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The Best DIY Graduation Party Decoration Ideas using Pictures for every area of your party.

1. Easy DIY “Friends” Photo Display Idea

How could we get through school if not for our friends?

Friends are probably one of the things you’ll miss most about your school career so give them their own special place at your party with a designated display or display area.

Make a stringed photo garland with pictures of all of the most cherished memories with your squad.

If you’re hanging all of your pictures on one wall then make a special section labeled, “Friends”. We’ve even seen grad parties that had a special board or photo wall section dedicated to “Frenemies” and “Enemies”.

You can label cheap dollar store posterboard and hang your favorite pictures using wire and clothespins.

However you choose to honor your friends isn’t important, it’s reliving and remembering all of the special relationships and milestones you shared together that counts.

2. Graduation Photos Banner

Why not make a full string of photos showing off every year of your school career? It puts all of your school grad photos in one place for your guests to enjoy, and it’s dirt cheap!

You can buy a Photo Garland on Amazon for mere dollars or make a similar banner easily yourself using string and dollar store card stock.

DIY picture banner graduation party decoration idea.

You can also use your printer for the labels.

 Start with a fresh sheets of cardstock, write or print labels starting with the Graduate’s first Kindergarten school photo and end with their current one, attach the labels (if you printed them out), poke holes and hang on string for an easy grad party decoration. You could also clip it to a string using clothespins.

3. Trip Down Memory Lane Driveway Decor

Here is another clever option for all of your past School Photos and one that will ensure guests know which home is yours.

Glue school photos of your Graduate starting from Kindergarten to present day onto card stock and garden stakes or solar lights to decorate the driveway giving guests a trip down memory lane literally.

You can also do this in long hallways or entrance ways or in the backyard.

4. Wall of Memories Display

Designate one wall purely for the Graduate’s photos. This is perfect for behind the food table, where people are going to spend time and actually notice the photos.

You can also make different “walls” such as the friends wall, the graduation wall etc that display coordinating photos. Your guests can also sign the pictures like a year book.

You can make easy and affordable large scale photos for the wall by printing them on Blueprint paper which you can do through Staples.com.

After the party you can have some great photos to keep or give to friends and family that they can frame.

5. DIY Photo Bouquets and Centerpieces

Incorporating photos in your table centerpieces is ideal since this is where guests will spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and looking for something to entertain themselves while they do it.

There are some really easy options to make gorgeous personalized centerpieces.

Glue your fav photos of the Grad on card stock, tape to wooden skewers and insert in a flower arrangement, vase or potted plant.

Glue photos to stock paper and sticks and insert into a Rustic Graduation Party centerpiece. Easy DIY Graduation Party Decoration Ideas using Pictures.


You can also do the same with clothespins and skewers. Just glue together a clothespin and skewer using a hot glue gun and clip the pic right in. This is probably one of the easiest way to do it.

Glue photos to stock paper and sticks and insert into a Rustic Graduation Party centerpiece. Easy DIY Graduation Party Decoration Ideas using Pictures.


For those with a black and gold grad party color scheme, use black and white photos on black or gold cardstock. It gives a sleeker more sophisticated look that’s also great for evening parties.  

For a super easy keepsake that guests can even take home, glue photos on your vases, jars, or pots with Mod Podge. It takes only a few minutes to do and you can use any glass jar or containers you already have. You can even paint the jar before gluing the photos to match your color scheme.

If you’re short on time you can even just take an empty glass jar and stick a photo in it for an easy centerpiece.

This will not only make an elegant and rustic Graduation party decoration centerpiece guests will be sure to notice, but something you can use long after the party’s over.

For more of the Best Graduation Party Centerpieces ideas click here!

6. Ultimate Picture Collage Wooden Displays

If your party is outdoors or you’re short on wallspace, make a cheery and adorable ultimate Grad party picture collage wall using easy to find wooden pieces like shutters, pallet wood, or trellises.

You can usually get pallet wood for free at any store that gets large shipments. We’ve gotten pallet wood from the stock room at Trader Joe’s and even Walmart, just ask the store.

Plastic trellises from the garden or old shutters work too. Just use string and clothespins to hang the photos.

This allows you to combine all of your school grad photos, friend photos, family photos, and school memories together to view all in one place.

Don’t want to use pallet wood? Just pick an indoor or outdoor wall or tree and stick or string all of your photos directly on there with clothespins or paper clips. You can decorate it with balloons, lights or garland and label each section “friends”, “teachers”, “family” etc.

For an indoor party make an ultimate designated photo display table! This is super easy to do and great if you have a whole lot of pictures and limited space to display them.

You can make a folding stand up table display out of poster board from the dollar store or pallet wood and make designated photo albums for pics of “Family”, “Friends”. “Teachers”, “Memories” etc, to place on the table.

Friends and family will get a kick out of looking through these albums! It’ll be a popular table and a great way to fit all of your photos in one place.

7. Giant Number Photo Collage

This is a really impressive photo display and decor idea that you can either purchase or DIY on a budget. Gather your favorite pictures and make a giant number collage.

If you make it big enough you can even designate a certain group of pics to each number. For example : Family pics for the 2, Grad pics for the 0, Friends pics for the 2 and so forth.

Use black and white photos, color, or both! Display the numbers on an indoor or outdoor wall or fence. When all else fails above the food table is always a good bet.

If you don’t have or don’t want to deal with cutting cardboard, just stick the pictures directly on the wall with double stick tape. This idea is pretty much fool proof for both indoors and out but will make any area a stunning focal point of the party.

8. Vertical Hanging Photo Displays

This is a great idea if you don’t have a lot of counter or floor space. Hanging picture displays can be placed in windows, above tables, and hanging from ceilings. They are cheap and easy to DIY, all you need is a piece of string, a hole puncher, and some pictures.

You can hang them anywhere guests will be spending a lot of time. They can be made with large 8x10s, smaller 5x8s, or both!

You can use string and clothespins or paper clips to hang photos above a table with photo albums, or even food. Either indoor or outdoor it’s a cheap, quick, and easy idea.

We hope these ideas save you time, money, and hassle so you can enjoy your party and make more memories!

Congrats Grad!


The Best DIY Graduation Party Decoration Ideas using Pictures for every area of your party.

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Graduation party picture display ideas for high school and college, boys and girls. Tips and DIY for decorations, pictures, on a budget. #Graduation #GraduationParty #GradParty

Graduation party picture display ideas for high school and college, boys and girls. Tips and DIY for decorations, pictures, on a budget. #Graduation #GraduationParty #GradParty



































Graduation party ideas for high school and college, boys and girls. Tips and DIY photo booths, food, snacks, decorations, pictures, and cap decorations on a budget. #Graduation #GraduationParty #GradParty

Dish it to your friends!

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