Easy DIY Halloween Party bathroom Decorations that will scare the crap out of your guests

Halloween Bathroom Decorations That’ll Scare The Crap Out Of Them

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The best DIY Halloween Bathroom Decorations and pranks for 2020.

The most unsuspecting place to get a good scare out of people is the bathroom. The cruelest part about it is they HAVE to use it and the more scared they get the more they need to use it!

Here are the best, easiest, yet most effective DIY Halloween bathroom decorations that will literally scare the crap out of your guests in the bathroom. Many use dollar store items and take only minutes to do.

Fear is nature’s laxative, there will be no constipation. It will make room for more treats!



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Easy Halloween Decorations for Bathroom. Perfect for Halloween Parties includes Scary, Halloween Bathroom Ideas, Spooky Bathroom Ideas, Creepy, and Gory Halloween Decorations with dollar store items.

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Halloween Bloody Bathroom Decor Ideas

Create a bloody murder scene in your bathroom. The best part about this decor is you can go as light or heavy as you want: subtle, or literally an all out blood bath.

Easy DIY Bloody Halloween Decorations for the bathroom. Scary, budget party idea.
Courtesy AliBaba Express

This is so easy to DIY or purchase bloody items off of Amazon for under $10.

If you want to be really cruel you can also dim the lights of your bathroom by removing some bulbs or replacing them with a blacklight bulb (get it here).

Below are various ways to bloody up your toilet, bathtub/shower, and mirror.

Bloody Toilet

Use dollar store red lipstick to write a bone chilling message under the toilet seat or lid that’ll be sure to make guests pee a little faster.

To maximize the scare factor you can put limbs hanging out from your toilet. You can find the limb here or at the Dollar store and the non staining pool dye here. Put it in the bowl for a bloody flush (try food coloring for a DIY option).

Make them pee a little faster with these easy Bloody Toilet hand prints and Halloween Bathroom Decor

For bloody hand prints you can either color Karo syrup with red food coloring or buy fake bloody print stickers.

To really drive the dagger home, put the murder in the bathroom too! Make the ultimate scare-the-sh*t-out-of-them toilet by turning it into your favorite slasher character. Get the look HERE

Bloody Halloween Bathroom Decor, Friday the 13th Easy way to scare the crap out of them literally

This is cheap to do just use a Jason mask, a foam head (under $3.99), and old shirt!

Imagine how creepy it would feel to sit or stand in front of the throne with that behind you…

You could also put the murderer facing the toilet infront of your shower or tub so when men are doing their business they feel someone looking over their shoulder.  

Recreate this look by using a coat rack, DIY PVC pipe dummy, or a sewing form, draped with a long dress or old costume, a mask, and cheap wig. You can use gloves and old shoes for the hands and feet.

So men can feel someone looking over their shoulder when they're doing their business. Easy DIY Halloween Bathroom decorations that will scare the crap out of them

This would go especially well with the phrase “Watch Your Back” written under the toilet seat.

Recreate this look with a PVC pipe or wire form.

And when they go to wipe…

Scare the crap out of them literally with this easy Halloween bathroom decorations

How cruel you make this is up to you. You can either put the toilet paper behind them in plain view or you can make them hunt for it.

Bloody Shower and Bath Tub

Create a bloody scene in your bath tub or shower to tie in the whole theme.

Whether you have only a shower, a bath tub, or both, you can create the perfect scene.

How to scare the crap out of your guests with these easy DIY Halloween bloody bathroom decor ideas- Tub and shower

They sell various limbs at dollar stores or Amazon such as feet, hands, heads and arms that you can bloody up and affix to the side of the tub.

For added effect you can splatter the tub or fill it with red tinted water by using food coloring, fake blood, or non staining pool dye (purchase the best one here).

Put an old mask and a wig on a balloon for a floating head.

Use a dollar store bath mat, piece of cloth, small hand towel, or placemat for the bathroom floor.

Easy DIY Bloody Halloween Bathroom Decorations- Shower curtain idea
CraftyMinx on Flickr.com

For the shower, an old bed sheet, dollar store, or Amazon shower curtain will do.

Put lights and/or a cardboard cutout or sticker of your favorite psychopath behind the blood stained curtain for a creepy glow.

How to scare the crap out of your guests with this easy DIY Halloween bloody bathroom decor idea
Wicked Ways Productions

The blood on the bathmat and shower curtain can even be done with acrylic paint or food coloring.

Easy DIY Halloween Bathroom Ideas Bloody Elmers Glue Hand prints that are easy to clean

For blood on the walls you can use:

  • Karo syrup with red food coloring
  • an easy peel off Elmer’s glue method
  • buy fake blood online or at your local Halloween store
  • OR buy bloody hand stickers here

Fake blood is also available on Wish.com for under $2 shipping included.

A word of caution for those that have never shopped on wish.com, orders can take up to a month to arrive so be sure to read product reviews and check estimated arrival times.

Easy DIY bloody body bag Halloween bathroom decor idea for a small shower

If you don’t have a bathtub just stuff a garbage bag and duct tape a neck, waist, and feet.

To get really realistic place a pair of fake feet or shoes hanging out of the bottom of the trash bag.

Easy DIY Scary Halloween Bathroom Ideas Bloody Towels

Don’t forget the towels!

If they didn’t forget to wash their hands, they’ll be sure to see this when they need to dry their hands.

Easy to accomplish with acrylic paint you can find at most dollar stores. Just make sure not to use your good towels.

Bloody Mirror Message

Easy DIY Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas Bloody Mirror Message

You can use dollar store lipstick to write a creepy message on the mirror.

Some suggestions:

  • Harry Potter quotes
  • Bloody Mary
  • and Candy Man

Buggy Bathroom Decor Ideas

There is nothing more scary than a real life fear, and for a lot of people that’s bugs.

Here are the best and easiest yet most effective ways to give guests the creepy crawlies and cut bathroom time in half.

You can buy most of these items at the dollar store or on Amazon.

Just grab a bag of plastic roaches from your local dollar store or Amazon and stick them to the walls with either earthquake puddy or double stick tape.

For arachnaphobics a bag of plastic spiders and some dollar store webs may be all it takes.

Make it a full blown invasion by adding a larger spider to your webs.

The best Halloween bathroom Decorations with Spiders

For a spider egg sack, blow up a white balloon and stick a glow stick in it. Your bathroom will be epic!

Spooky Bathroom

Its not what you use but where you place it! The easiest, and cheapest ways to make your bathroom spooky are also the most effective.


Sometimes all it takes are just a few items around the house or from the dollar store. Just slide old gloves over each toilet paper holder, or slide a dollar store skull over your bathroom faucet.


Print out a spooky, funny, or even humiliating graphic and or text and place it under the lid of your toilet. Some ideas for texts: “Are you cold?” “I see you.” “What a pretty little package”. You also can’t go wrong with a simple laughing face.


Candles, and flameless candles easily create a spooky ambiance for Halloween Bathroom decorations be sure to remove your light bulbs

By replacing or unscrewing your regular light bulbs you can easily create a spooky ambiance in your bathroom that heightens the senses. Here are the best lighting ideas to set the stage.

Black Lights

Replacing light bulbs with black lights can transform your bathroom decorations from pee in the pants to Hershey squirts scary. To make toilet water look radio activ you can purchase black light pool dye on Amazon.


String Lights

Black lights and string lights combined for Halloween Bathroom Decorations that will scare the shit out of them

You can find black, and orange, string lights almost anywhere for any price too.

String lights create a spooky ambiance for Halloween Bathroom Decorations just be sure to take out your light bulbs

Take out your bulbs and pull out your Christmas string lights! Reducing the presence of light will make your decorations more real and guests imagination take over.

Spooky Ghost Girl

Blame it on movies like The Exorcist and the Ring for making little girls spooky. Putting a doll in your bathroom may be all you need.

Make a spooky girl to hang in the corner of your bathroom to scare the crap out of your guests Halloween Bathroom decorations

You can also hang ghosts and other spooky figures from the ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

Figures are easy enough to make yourself. Harry Potter fans can even make a dementor. Potter fans will definitely end up holding it in instead.

Cardboard Cut Outs

Whether you use an old box or buy one, a cardboard cut out can be used numerous ways and in many places. You can even hang clothes on them.

Peeping Mask

Easily place a clown mask and wig to peek out of the air vent for Halloween bathroom decorations that will scare the crap out of them.

Nothing sends chills up a person’s spine more than an unexpected scare — and this creepy invader peeping out from the attic is definitely unexpected.

Take out that terrifying old mask, and put it in the opening of your air vent or attic.

Attach the mask to the end of a spatula (or something similar), and use a bag of sand or duct tape to hold down the other end of the spatula.

This simple scare tactic will leave any person who comes over with that unsettling feeling that they’ve got an extra set of eyes on them… because they do.

Skeleton and Creepy Figures

You can go as cheap or elaborate as you want with either a dollar store skeleton or a life sized mannequin.

Whether it’s a skeleton or a mannequin, both will creep out guests.

Skeleton Bathroom Halloween Decorations


Be prepared to have pictures of your bathroom blowing up instagram…your bathroom will be a hit with guests.

Skeleton in wash tub bathroom decoration


That concludes our ultimate guide to the best Halloween decorations for your bathroom that’ll scare the crap out of your guests.

Keep your bathroom line moving, your guests talking, you laughing, and everyone remembering with these fun ideas. We’d love to hear how they worked out. Don’t forget to post your pictures on Pinterest!

XOXO, The Twins

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Halloween Bathroom Decorations that will scare the crap out of your guests easy super easy yet effective for Halloween parties.

Easy DIY Halloween Bathroom Decorations that will scare the crap out of them at your Halloween Party

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Bathroom Decorations that will scare the crap out of your party guests literally! Easy Halloween Decorations for Bathroom Scary, Spooky, Creepy, Gory, Halloween Bathroom Decor

Hilarious, easy Halloween Party decoration pranks for the bathroom.

Dish it to your friends!

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