Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For 2022

Dish it to your friends!

Updated 2022

These easy DIY Halloween costumes and make up ideas not only look professional but will make you the star of Halloween night!

They work for couples, duo, and groups too!

Many of them require household items or basic make up you already have.

This is our personal list that we whip out when us or our friends need sure fire convo starting costume ideas in a pinch. They are tried and true L.A. crowd pleasers that will make you stand out in the biggest of crowds.


Get creative, have fun, and remember: anything goes on Halloween!

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Easy Halloween Costume Idea Pirate Costume for Teen College Girls

Get the skirt here

Get the top here

Get Black Belts On Shein


Thank Johnny Depp for the revival of the sexy Pirate costume.

You can do variations of the outfit above and include boots or a hat. 

HOT Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas for Teenage Girls

Besties can dress up as fellow pirates!

HOT BestFriend Halloween Costume ideas for teenage Girls and College
TikTok @yredrocaziul

The dress on the left is “The Love Galore Romper White” from PrincessPolly.com.

Hot Halloween Pirate Duo Costume for teens College and women


Sexy Couples Pirate Halloween Costume Idea

Dress up as a wench and pirate for couples. Get sexy pirate costumes for women here, get sexy mens costumes here

Easy DIY ScareCrow Costume

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, ScareCrow

A scarecrow is just too pretty to pass up.  It’s wholesome in the cutest way. If your friend suddenly calls you on Halloween night wanting to go out, throw this beauty together. What you’ll need:

  • A flannel shirt
  • A hat
  • Orange eye shadow or cream make up
  • Black eyeliner
  • Falsies or volumizing mascara (the best is $4.99)
  • Brown liner or shadow for freckles

Couple Costume Idea: One could dress as a scarecrow and the other Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Group Costume Idea: a group could dress up as the whole Wizard of Oz clan.


Space Cadet Trendy Halloween Costume Idea For Groups And Couples



You will be the hit of the party GUARANTEED! This sexy costume works for a solo person, a couple, or a group! 

Space Cadet Couples Halloween Costume idea

Couples can go as a Space Cadet and an Astronaut! Be prepared to take plenty of pictures. 


Iconic 90s Clueless Cher and Dionne Halloween Costume Ideas for Best Friends and Duo

Cher and Dionne are the ultimate cute iconic duo costume! Get the costumes here.

Clueless Cher and Dion Highschool Halloween Costumes

Get this Cher costume here

Get this Dionne costume here

Clueless characters Cher and Dionne are one the trendiest iconic 90s duo costumes for Highschool right now.

CLUELESS COUPLE COSTUME IDEA: Go as Cher and Josh or Dionne and Murray for couples

TRIO COSTUME IDEA: Go as the whole Clueless gang for a group costume idea (Cher, Dion, Tai).

DIY Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller Halloween Costume

She used a scarf she had and this coin ribbon from Spotlight.

Whether you prefer to call her a Gypsy or a Fortune Teller this costume is mysterious and therefore sexy.

What you’ll need:

  • A coin scarf (diy or store bought)
  • Faux chain nose ring
  • Dark or burgundy lipstick
  • Black eyeliner
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Mascara or faux lashes
  • Your best Boho or flowing outfit
  • Crystal ball, you can DIY yourself using a white balloon, an electric votive or glow stick (to put in the balloon) and card stock for the base.


Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Be prepared to get hounded. This costume is classy, super easy, puts your best foot forward with your most glamorous look, AND includes a bunch of real or fake roses that you can easily attach your number to and give to whomever you want (just make sure they’re single).

What you’ll need:

  • Some real or fake roses
  • Your best evening look (Hair, Make up, jewelry, attire)
  • A tag with the logo or name of the show on it OR simply write Bachelor/ette.
  • Little papers with your number on them to wrap around each stem with tape.

Can you imagine if you end up marrying someone you gave a rose to? What a story that would make!

When Life Gives You Lemons (Punny Costume)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Veronica Giguere (@voicesbyveronica) on

This is so easy yet funny as heck and perfect for getting dates. We’ll tell you how, but first…

What you’ll need:

  • a bag of lemons
  • a name tag, cardboard sign or ratty t shirt
  • a sharpie or black marker

Just write “Life” on a name tag or a t shirt (it could be extra ratty for added effect) and get a bag of lemons.

Bring a sharpie to write your phone number on the lemons in case you meet someone cute and ask them if they would be your lemonade. How could they say no?

This outfit is great for both guys and girls and probably the easiest on this list for last minute.


HOT Girl Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume Idea

 GIRL FREDDY KRUEGER will make you stand out! The gloves can be purchased here but it appears she cut them to customize it. You can find the hat here, and the sweater here. The sweater was cut to fit by @adisonJustis on TikTok.


Spring Break Movie Baddie BFF Halloween Costume Idea for Women and College Freshman

The indy hit “Spring Breakers” with Selena Gomez was the inspiration for this easy baddie bff Halloween costume idea. You can find the face masks here.

Spring Break movie Hot Group Halloween Costume Idea for teens, college, and women

Easily turn it into a hot group idea with neon athleticwear or swimsuits and pants. You will have the most comfortable costumes around. Again you can find the face masks here on amazon.


The Purge Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume for teens, college students and groups

You can find the light up PURGE MASKS HERE and the KNEE SOCKS HERE

This is one of the cheapest, easiest, yet hottest kids, teen and College costumes for both boys and girls!

No need to wear any make up!! This is creepy worn just by one person or a whole group! 


Female Willy Wonka Costume


Johnny Deps version of Willy Wonka is making every girl swoon on Tik Tok, this fem version can give one lucky person a chance at a Golden Ticket.

Write your phone number, email, or insta on the otherside if you see someone worthy.

Do a faux bob or wear a wig.

COUPLE COSTUME IDEA FOR WILLY WONKA: Fem Willy Wonka and Charlie, or Male Willy Wonka and Violet or an Oompa Loompa.

GROUP COSTUME IDEA: Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompahs or the whole golden ticket gang. 

Rip & Beth Yellowstone Couple Costume Ideas 

Best Yellowstone Rip and Beth Halloween couples costume

With over 15 million viewers, characters from the tv series Yellowstone remain the hottest costumes for Halloween. In the above picture “RIP” is wearing this Carhartt black jacket. Here are the links for the two BEST wigs for Beth Dutton WIG ONE WIG TWO.

Yellowstone Rip and Beth Couple Halloween Costume Idea

This is so simple to do and pretty self-explanatory. We would just add a DIY branding iron that Rip can hold.


Groups can make the whole Yellowstone gang and even dress up as some of the favorite villains!

Women’s Bandit Halloween Costume

Easy Hot Solo Wild West CowGirl Halloween Costume Idea

This hot costume is also super easy to diy. Either get some black jeans and cut out the section above the pockets, or purchase these women cut out pants. and this women’s leather crop top Add a black cowboy hat to pull it all together.

Space Cowgirls Costume Idea

Space Cowgirls Halloween Costume Idea for girls, teens, and College

One of the trendiest costumes for teens and College students is the Space Cowgirl. Get these trendy Space Cowgirl skirts HERE ON AMAZON

Space CowGirls Halloween Costume for girls


 This is a bestie favorite that you may already have in your closet.

Trendy Halloween Space Cowgirls Costume idea

Pull out your metallics and mix with bright colors or prints. Top it off with Cowgirl hats and booties.

Couple and Group Costume Idea for Space Cow Girls: Just use variations of colors and metallics!


buckle Bunny Group Halloween Costume Idea for Girls



Buckle Bunny is an individual or pack of atleast 2 women that prowl around rodeos in search of Buckle Winning Cowboys. They make a really great group and couple costume idea. 

COUPLE: One dress as a Cowboy and another as a Buckle Bunny. 

GROUP: Get together your besties and go as a gang of Buckle Bunnies. Girls just need short jean shorts or a jean skirt and flannel or crop top and a girly cowgirl hat.


Magical Fairy Halloween Costume Idea for teens, women and College students

The beautiful aesthetic, versatility, and easy execution make fairies one of the hottest Halloween costumes. The beautiful dress above is the “Trellis Rose Dress” from Love and Lemons.

Fairy Halloween Costume Idea popular for teenage girls, women, and College students, best friends, and groups

Purchase the EXACT dress above here. You can make this costume as angelic, or sexy as you want. 

Fairy Trio halloween group costume idea for teenage girls, women, and College students

Carrie Halloween Costume

Hot Carrie movie Halloween Costume Idea for Teenage girls

Prom Queen Carrie is an easy one to pull off with a satin slip dress, tiara, and blood. 

Carrie Prom Queen Halloween Costume Idea for Teens and women

Add a Prom Queen Sash too. 

Glamorous Carrie Halloween Costume Make Up Idea using rhinestones

This is a versatile look teens can wear to school.


Fem Bots Hot Halloween Costumes for Women, Teens, and College Students

You can thank the hit movie Austin Powers for REVIVING 1960s Fem Bots in the 90s, and Kendall Jenner for reviving it in the 2020’s. The costumes are from DollsKill.com but you can find knock offs on amazon.com.


DIY Cruella Halloween Costume idea for women, teens, and College students

This is a sexy costume idea without showing too much. Use whatever black outfit you have on hand in your closet for Cruella Deville! Top it off with this coat or this shawl and wig and you’ll be the hit of the party without feeling naked. 


Easy Barbie Halloween Costume Idea for teens best friends and couples
meltonashlyn VSCO

With her feature film debut, Barbie is a hot and very easy Halloween costume for one person, BFFs, groups, or couples. You can make the outfits yourself or purchase them on Shein or amazon. 


Couples can go as Ken and Barbie, while duos and groups can go as the whole Barbie clan with matching outfits.


Go Go Girls Halloween Costume Idea for Solo Best friends Groups Couples

The boots, the dress, and no messy make up makes go go girls an ever hot go to Halloween costume. Whether solo, for a duo, or a group here is a link to the cutest costumes.


HOT DIY Mermaid Halloween Costume for teens and college students
@clairebear802 on TIKTOK and INSTAGRAM

These gorgeous Mermaid costumes above were made using fabric!


Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Bestie and Groups

A playboy bunny costume is hot and also an easy option for a bestie, group, or couples. You can find the official Playboy Bunny costume on their website or buy a bunny girl costume here 

Easy Hot Playboy Bunny Group Halloween Costume Idea

This works for groups of all sizes and just requires a black leotard or corset and panty hose.

Easy HOT Playboy Bunny Couples Halloween Costume Idea

You can throw together this hot couples Halloween costume idea with him as Hugh Hefner and her as a Playboy Bunny last minute.

Bunny Halloween Group Costume Idea for Teenage Girls and College

Grab your best mini dress and some bunny ears for a hot group costume that’ll make you stand out!

Cat Make Up Costume

Cat Halloween Make Up Costume

What you’ll need:

  • Black eyeliner or eye shadow (wet the brush)
  • DIY Kitty Ears hair tutorial (below) or cat ears, a cat beanie
  • black or leopard clothing
Sexy Cat Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Make up
Cool Cat- Pinterest

A cat has ALWAYS been the favorite default sexy Halloween costume (we keep a pair of emergency leopard cat ears in our closets).

This is another pun because it makes people think of the other name for a cat that starts with a “P”.

If you have a group of friends, you can all dress up as cats and call yourselves the Pussy Posse.

It’s so easy to execute beautifully.  Start out with killer eyeliner and your best mascara (ours is $4.99) or falsies, then color the bottom of your nose and your top lip with black eye liner, add some freckles or some whiskers, and make shift ears and you’re done! You can wear leopard or black, you can even put on a collar.

If you don’t have cat ears don’t fret, you can make them with your hair or cut some out from black construction paper and tape it to a headband.

Last minute DIY Halloween Costumes Cat Ear How To
Cosplay Sushi on Tumblr

CAT COUPLES COSTUME IDEA: Cat and mouse, one dog and one cat, or Batman and Cat woman would all be clever ideas for couples.

GROUP COSTUME IDEA: For groups try a Pussy Posse!


Hot Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens and Girls

Whether you wear a jumpsuit, black top and black pants, or even a long black dress, just throw on a mask and you have cat woman!

The above look was created by pairing high waisted black pants with an off the shoulder top.


You can use the same hair technique above to make an easy but super hot devil.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, scary devil.

Just use some black eyeliner to smoke out your eyes and fill in your lips as thick as you’d like. Spray your two hair horns with red hair spray and add black nails to complete the look.

Couples Costume Idea:

Have one dress up as an angel and one as a devil for a couples costume idea.


DIY Maleficent Costume

Since the movie came out, Maleficent has become a majestic figure of female power and, since Angelina Jolie portrayed her, very alluring.

Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes for women

We like the costume because it’s DIY yet looks professional and it can work for two people.

For Halloween, one of us is going to be young Maleficent pre wing removal and the other is going to be her darker character.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes, Maleficent

This version requires paint and takes a little more effort but uses only a few supplies.

What you’ll need:

  • a headband
  • a wire hanger
  • 2 plastic or paper cups
  • foil
  • masking tape for fairy Maleficent or black electrical tape for evil Maleficient
  • black or brown paint

Just follow the pictorial, tape the foil to the cups, then paint and you have horns.

Flip a section of your hair in between the horns and pin the sides back to cover the headband (like in the pic). Wear a black flowy outfit with boots, add red lipstick and you’re done!

Couple Costume Idea

You can make this a romantic couple costume idea by dressing up as Maleficent and Diavel her pet crow. Just dress up the boyfriend in a black shirt and pants.

For besties one can dress up as dark Maleficent and the other as the fairy Maleficent, or Aurora!

Unicorn Costumes

Unicorn Pegasus Make up Halloween Costume

Unicorns have a peacocking effect in a large crowd, the bright colors and glitter really stand out and puts people in an ethereal headspace.

You definitely won’t need a lot of headgear to make a beautiful unicorn. You can make a DIY Unicorn horn with a headband, paper and/or hair.

Colorful Unicorn Costume Make Up


For the rest of the costume, wear a white fitted shirt with white or brightcolored tights and some yarn or hair extensions for the tail (anything fuzzy will work). Top it all off with sparkles and bright make up!

If the hair do is too tough for you, just make an easy paper cone (color it if you’d like), tape it, roll it in glitter and tape ribbons or strings on both sides so you can tie it to your head.

Easy DIY Unicorn Horn

Couples Costume Idea

Unicorn and Merlin the magician.

Comic Book Character Make Up Costumes

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas, Comic Book Character
Promise Phan YouTube Tutorial

We’re big comic book fans so whenever we see someone with this make up, we always get excited. It also works great for couples or groups.

What you’ll need:

  • Black eyeliner
  • Colored eyeshadow (the brightest color you have)
  • Lipstick
  • Optional: White face paint, white eye shadow, or a white eye pencil (if you want to do a dot style)

Atleast one of our friends does this costume idea every year and it always looks amazing.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty Wonder Woman
Instagram: @argenapeede

There are soo many easy Comic Book Make up tutorials out there. You can use black facepaint and a brush or just use an eyeliner pen or pencil.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty Wonder Woman. Glitter.
Instagram: @Sty.Lexa

If you’re using white eyeshadow for dots then be sure to dampen the brush to make them pop.

Quick tip: To soften an eye liner pencil, hold it over a candle for a few seconds (NOT MINUTES, Be Careful).

Comic Book Halloween Make Up

Black Widow Costume Make Up

There’s nothing scarier to us than spiders, so why not be the queen?

Black Widow spiders are appropriately named because the females eat their male partners after mating! If you’re a man eater, or want to dress up as one, then you can easily pull this off.

This is another costume idea that just requires an eye liner and maybe some grey eyeshadow. You can do spiderweb eyes or all out spider eyes.

Black Widow Spider Costume Make up


If your drawing skills are severely limited you can just draw some little spiders on your face or glue little plastic dollar store ones with eye lash adhesive. We did this to a friend with a really pretty smokey eye and she looked amazing. 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes, Spider eyes and spider web eyes, Spider Queen Make up

For more Spider Web eye make up inspiration checkout this collection by Pop Sugar.

Couples Costume Idea:

For a couple this would also make a funny costume since we all know the fate of the male. Just make sure one of you is wearing a red black widow symbol on your belly.

Mad Hatter

Best Halloween Mad Hatter Make Up Costume


Channel your inner Johnny Depp and try a glamorous Mad Hatter! Get a red wig here  and Madhatter hat here

Couples or Group Costume Ideas

Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts or Alice for couples, for a group costume you could dress up as all three!

Creepy Stitched Doll/ Zombie Costume Make up

Easy Halloween Costume Make Up Ideas, Creepy Stitched Doll or Zombie

Creepy Stitched Doll or Zombie…the choice is yours.

If you’re super shy or a bit of a wall flower then people will think the eerie silence is part of your costume.

They won’t expect you to speak much but will definitely take notice.

All you need is a cute dress, killer lashes, a black liner pencil, and your best smokey eye.

Vampire Costume Make Up

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, scary vampire.

Thanks to all the vampire movies and t.v. shows, there are sooo many different types of vampire costumes you can do.

You don’t need fake teeth to be a vampire.

Easy DIY Last Minute Vampire Lips, Halloween Costume

You can paint them on your lips with a white eyeliner pencil or make up paint. Be sure to line your lips with black eyeliner for a more 3D effect. Make sure to draw the teeth spread apart so if you eat or drink it won’t smudge as much.

If you want to skip the teeth altogether then just cover yourself with shimmer and call yourself a Twilight vampire or put two red bite marks on your neck to be a vampire in transition. There are a lot of easy ways to play this up beautifully.

Easy DIY Halloween Make Up Costumes, dripping blood, crying blood, vampire idea
Crying blood, dripping blood- Pinterest

Couples or Friends Costume Idea

You could both be Vampires ofcourse or one of you could be the victim with two bite holes. One also could be a vampire hunter. Just make sure you have a stake or crucifix.

Giraffe Costume Make Up

Giraffe. Easy last minute Halloween costume

We heard a couple dressed as giraffes won a Halloween costume this past weekend at a bar event, it’s worth a try and so adorkable.

  • Tape some giraffe ears made out of construction paper to a headband
  • Wrap your hair in two little buns on top of your head
  • Draw some brown giraffe spots around your forehead with liner or eye shadow
  • Wear brown or beige clothing.


Tinkerbell Halloween Costume


Beach wave hair, a green tube dress, fairy wings, and glitter. Tinkerbell is a quick, easy, and unique costume that’s sexy without trying too hard. You can find this costume here!

Couples Costume Idea

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell is an adorable couples costume..add on Captain Hook for a group costume!

Hunter or Deer Costumes

Hunter and Deer Halloween Costume


This is a popular and hot unisex or couples costume idea! 

Clown (IT) and Joker Costume Make Up

With Stephen King’s IT reboot, the Joker, and Suicide Squad movies it’s no surprise that clowns and jokers are one of the trendiest make up looks for Halloween not to mention the hottest.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, scary IT clown..

A smokey eye and red lipstick is all an IT clown look takes, making it a perfect last minute make up choice that looks professional.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, clown.

Not good with a smokey eye? Just use black eyeliner! It’s quick, fool proof, but will make you look hot.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, clown.

Add glitter, rhinestones, or metallics to glam up your look. Pig tails work well too.

Colorful rainbow Joker Make up costume


Not all clowns and jokers have to be dark and scary. Try this colorful clown look that’ll channel your inner Rainbow Brite.

Colorful Clown Make up costume


Turn that clown upside down into a colorful delight with beautiful rainbow colors and glitter.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, scary IT clown..

Sexy Joker Costume


How about a super sexy Joker?

Pumpkin Clown Make Up


If you can’t decide whether to be a Pumpkin or a Clown for Halloween, now you can be both!

Simple Classy Clown make up for school or work


You could totally wear this super simple and classy clown to school or work! The black beret or hat gives it a little something extra and the super easy make up is nearly fool proof.

Couples or Friends Costume Idea

One person could be IT and the other the Joker.

Chucky Costume

The movie Child’s Play made a big comeback with the recent feature film reboot. With Chucky’s long red locks it’s no surprise girls are sporting this hot ginger costume that’s sure to turn heads.

Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Make Up, pretty, scary Chucky costume idea.

This costume will make anyone look hot and if you’re a red head there is no need for a wig. The make up can be done with black and white eyeliners and red or pink shadow. Use your vamp lip and smokey eye of choice.

Couples Costume Idea

The Bride Of Chucky and Chucky.

Bouquet Costume

Easy DIY Bouquet Halloween Costume on the runway of Fashion Week

This idea is taken straight from the runway of Milan Fashion week. If you have a wide neck coat, robe, or even a sheet, you can turn yourself into a bouquet by filling it with fake flowers and adding a ribbon or sash.

Couples Costume Idea

This bouquet idea is easy to transition to a couple or bff costume. A man can dress in a tuxedo, a woman can dress as a pageant queen, or even a graduate.

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Adams Fall Make Up


Try a Wednesday Adams inspired make up look to wear to school or work.

Wednesday Adams Costume Make Up

Photo Source

Channel the original black and white Wednesday from the popular tv show.

Adams Family Couples and Group Costume Ideas

Wednesday and Morticia Adams Halloween Costume Idea


You and your bestie can go as Wednesday and Morticia.

Adams Family Couple Costume


Make a striking entrance to any Halloween party as Morticia and Gomez Adams with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Betty Boop

Betty Boop Halloween Costume and Make up


This refreshingly unique costume comes from the timeless cartoon. This is easy to pull off with a cheap short black wig and make up you probably already have. You can pick an outfit from any decade of Betty Boop cartoons.

Couples Costume Idea

Betty Boop and her reappearing boyfriend Fearless Fred would make a killer couples costume.

 WITCHES and “Sailormoon” Characters

Witch Moon costume Make Up


To weebs this costume make up is for the cat character Luna in the hit Japanese anime series “Sailormoon” but the symbol on the forehead is originally that of a pagan Moon Goddess and beautiful glam witch!

Unique Witch Costume Make up with bats

This make up look can be used for both!

The method you use to get this look relies on the supplies you have on hand.

For example you may already have a similar lipstick color or you can create it by patting foil purple eye shadow over black lipstick.

Luna Sailor from Sailormoon costume make up


Here is another Sailormoon look only this is of one of the human “Sailors”. 

The two top knot buns are a sure fire giveaway this is a “Sailormoon” character and not a Pagan moon goddess witch.

Whether you use this make up for a Pagan Moon Goddess or Sailormoon, one thing is for sure, it’s stunning!

Pagan Moon Goddess Make Up


This easy yet seductive make up look is for a Pagan Moon Goddess.

Green Witch costume make up


The classic green witch gets a glam make over in this tutorial that’ll make everyone green with Halloween make up envy.

Easy Halloween Group Costume Ideas

If you have the witch why not go for a Wizard of OZ group costume?! 

Skeleton and Skull Make Up

Pretty Skeleton Costume Make Up


The trendy skeleton is getting a glam make over this Halloween. Try a pretty skeleton look that’s delicate and feminine. You could even add some glitter.

Couples Skeleton Costume Idea

Skeleton Couple Halloween Costume


This look is hot with celebrity couples. 

Pumpkin Make Up

Scary Pretty Pumpkin Make Up


This creative Pumpkin make up look is scary pretty for those that want both.

Easy DIY Gothic Jack O Lantern Make up


Here is a very gothic and less orange version of a Jack O Lantern.

Pretty Glam Pumpkin Make up


Some glitter and winged eyeliner makes for a glam pretty Jack O Lantern make up look.


Glam Cleopatra Make Up Costume


Try this beautiful Cleopatra make up look. Use eyelash glue to glue on any rhinestones.


Filter No Filter Couples Costume Idea


Try this costume idea with ANY of the looks in this post!


Easy DIY Cupid College Girls Halloween Costume


This is pretty easy to pull off, just dress in all red. You can either make the bow and arrow out of cardboard or order a faux one on amazon.

COUPLES CUPID COSTUME IDEA: Cupid and the man that got shot or a Cherub

Ratatouille Remy and the Chef Costume

Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Men

Here is an easy guys costume that’s sure to be a hit! Put Remy in your Chefs hat from the popular film Ratatouille!

A Tap light and either a card stock cut out or rubber rat is all you need for this creative witty Halloween Costume Idea!


Easy DIY Last Minute Witty Halloween Costumes for old men

Whether you’re a man, boy, teen, or senior here is a quick and easy last minute Halloween costume idea even Grandpa can wear! 

Use a cardboard box or crate, sheet, and card stock (for the lamp shade) to create this witty one night stand Halloween costume everyone will remember.

Middle Aged Barbie & Mid Life Crisis Ken

DIY Halloween Couples Costume Ideas For Middle Aged People

Middle Aged? Try this hilarious couples Halloween costume idea for Middle Aged Barbie and Mid-life Crisis Ken.

Disney Princess Halloween Costume Idea

Hot Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Pick one Princess for your costume or have your squad be all of them! For couples just add your Princess or Prince charming.


Easy Hot Zombie Halloween Costume Idea

The Mummy is a classic that never gets old. Try a sexy Mummy by yourself or with a bestie. For couples try a his and her Mummy.

By now we hope we’ve helped you find an idea or two. Now get your supplies and get to it! Be sure to tag us on Instagram: @TwinsDish and tell us if you SCORED. Our favorite thing to do on Nov 1 is look at other people’s costumes. Happy Halloween!




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Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes and Make Up

Easy DIY Halloween Make Up That Looks Professional, Vampire, Unicorn, Cat, Spider, Comic Book, and more

Gorgeous DIY Halloween make up costume ideas for women, couples, groups, and college.

DIY Halloween costumes for women, couples, groups, and college. #HalloweenCostumes

DIY Halloween costumes for women, couples, groups, and college. #HalloweenCostumes

DIY Halloween costumes for women, couples, groups, and college.




































Easy Beautiful DIY Halloween make up costume ideas



















Easy DIY Halloween costumes that look professional. Many cute Halloween costumes for women and men.

Easy DIY Halloween make up ideas that look professional.

Easy DIY Halloween Make Up That Looks Professional, Vampire, Unicorn, Cat, Spider, Comic Book, and more















Gorgeous DIY Halloween make up costume ideas for women, couples, groups, and college. Gorgeous DIY Halloween make up costume ideas for women, couples, groups, and college.

Gorgeous DIY Halloween make up costume ideas for women, couples, groups, and college.




Gorgeous DIY Halloween make up costume ideas for women, couples, groups, and college. #HalloweenCostumes #HalloweenMakeUp

Gorgeous DIY Halloween make up costume ideas for women, couples, groups, and college.

Easy DIY Halloween Make Up That Looks Professional for College, Vampire,, Unicorn, Cat, Spider, Comic Book, and more

Dish it to your friends!

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