What NOT To Do To Your Dorm

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Although most schools offer dorm room ideas and guidelines on what to do and bring to your dorm, there are some universal tips you can only learn from experience.

Here are 7 don’ts for your dorm that no one thinks about but you definitely should. You won’t find them on any College website but they may save you from a dorm room disaster.

1. Don’t Loft Your Bed Without Considering These Factors…

Many students love loft beds because they are raised allowing you to have a whole other space under your bed you can use for an office, kitchen, living room, or just extra storage.

While loft beds may come standard in some dorms, others give you the option of renting one for an additional fee per semester (usually $100-$150).

Some students also opt to put their beds on risers to make them significantly higher.

While lofting beds are all the rage online for dorm room design and decor, before you jump to get one, there are SERIOUS factors you need to consider:

  • Are you going to College in earthquake country? 

When an earthquake hits you could get seriously hurt jumping or falling out of bed.

Take it from L.A. natives, earthquakes (especially larger ones) usually strike in the middle of the night or early morning when everyone is asleep.

When you abruptly awaken to violent shaking you have no time to think. Your first instinct is to get up and run for cover.

You may forget you’re in a high loft bed and jump out of it, if you do remember and use the ladder you could slip and fall from the shaking and adrenaline.

Even if you ride out the earthquake in bed you may be shaken out of it or worse, it could collapse.

Bonus Tip: Aside from lofting beds you should also reconsider having any heavy framed photos, wall hangings or bookcases near your bed as they are the first to fall even in small quakes. You don’t want to wake up to a book or picture frame hitting your head.

  • What happens if or when you get sick?

If God forbid you wake up vomiting, get an ankle sprain, have the flu, or the runs, would you really want to climb down the ladder to go to the bathroom? Is that even possible?

If you’re petite, even bed raisers can impact your ability to get in and out of bed. We had bed raisers for a year and once we stopped using them we were so much happier.

2. Don’t Leave Your Belongings Unsecured and in Plain View…

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Call us paranoid “Big City” girls, but lets face it, most Colleges are in big cities.

It’s not uncommon for students in dorm halls to leave their dorm room doors open especially when they’re trying to connect with fellow students and make friends.

No matter how nice everyone seems, there’s always a risk of theft. Not just from fellow students but personnel and guests.

Don’t store valuables in plain view on top of desks, dressers, counters, or beds. Leaving your ipad or laptop on top of your desk will make it an easy target for a thief to quickly swipe.

Get a small safe or a secretary desk (some even come with a lock), so valuables will be out of sight.

Secretary desks have a closing door making it easy to not only clean up in a pinch, but hide away your valuable electronics when you have guests. They’re compact and make a great nightstand between two beds.

A Secretary desk makes the perfect dorm room nightstand, plus it's cheap. Dorm room ideas for college. #College #Dorm #organization #Collegedorm


At the very least store your valuables and electronics in a drawer or someplace out of sight.

…And please do away with the open jewelry displays, even if your jewelry is from Forever 21, it’ll still attract potential thieves.

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3. Don’t Rely Solely on Paper Plates, Cups, and Utensils…

You can run through them really fast and accumulate trash quickly. Not to mention you’ll keep having to run to the store.

A steel water bottle or tumbler can preserve your hot or cold beverage for longer, is portable, reusable, indestructible, all while allowing you to store water in your tiny fridge.

Steel Tumbler that is leak proof and keeps your drink ice cold for 24 hours. Great gift idea for a College student or teen. #Gifts #College #teens  Bring your favorite microwaveable ceramic mug incase you need to put your beverage in the microwave (we had a Santa Claus mug). Bring your favorite microwaveable mug to your college dorm. Dorm room ideas for college. #Dormtips #College #Giftidea

Also be sure to bring atleast one reuseable bowl or plate and set of utensils or chop sticks.

Reserve your paper plates, cups, and utensils for times when you’re sick, lazy, or midterm cramming.

4. Don’t Leave Your Printer At Home…

When you look on most College websites they suggest not bringing your own printer because there are a lot of accessible printers you can use for free on campus.

While we do agree you should take advantage of the free prints your college offers, we still think you should bring along a printer for emergencies.

For instance, printers get super busy around midterms and finals so there may be a wait to use the printers.

If you want to make a last minute change to your paper or you pushed your assignment to the last minute, you may not have time to spare.

Also what if you’re sick and want to do some work in bed and print out your assignment so someone else can drop it off to your instructor? It’ll be more convenient.

If you reserve your personal printer for these instances you may be able to get by with only one cartridge a semester, a year, or more.

5. Don’t Rule Out Bringing A Pot Or Pan

Think about what’s important to you. Are you on a special diet, are you going to want to cook a piece of fish or steak, do you want to grill or bake in the oven, do you like stir fry?

Not everyone wants to live off of the typical cancer causing microwaveables.

We’re sure Mom won’t mind if you take one of her frying pans just make sure it’s PFOA free and non stick so you don’t need butter or oil.

For a short list of other safe appliances that would be useful for your dorm click here.

6. Don’t Forget Your Essentials

Does your dorm room have a bright window? Will you need shutters or black out curtains to block out the light and outside noise?

This may not seem like a necessity but it is to women: Do you have a full length mirror?

What about an iron, t.v., fan, or microwave?

Do you have band aids, medicine, a thermometer, and heating pad? You could raid the nurses station at college but you may want to have a small stash of your own.

How about a robe and slippers for after you shower or walk around the dirty floors?

Think of the must haves you’ll need to survive and thrive everyday.

To help you with this, Amazon Prime is offering college students a 6 month free trial with no purchase necessary and a steep discount on their monthly service there after. You not only get two day or less shipping for free, but access to thousands of movies and t.v. shows as well as music.

7. Don’t Freak Out If You Forget Something

Don’t be scared to ask a fellow dormer if you can borrow whatever it is you forgot. It’s a great way to make friends and you can even offer to lend them something in return.

Be sure to keep a list of the things you forgot to bring but needed so you’ll remember to bring them next semester.

We hope these dorm room ideas and tips enhance your college experience! They’re definitely great things to consider while you’re planning the big move.

If you have any questions or additions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or contact us.




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