The Ultimate Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Updated 2024

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Anniversary, or Christmas–we did all of the work for you and created the ultimate one stop post with the best, easiest, and most impressive gifts, DIY, crafts, date ideas, puns, food ideas, and decorations for the one you love.

Some are naughty, some are nice, and some are kid friendly.

Even if it’s the night before or the day of Valentine’s Day, or ANY special day, there’s still time to make it memorable.

We separated it into different sections:


There’s NO WAY you WON’T find something in this guide and we keep updating it all of the time, so check back.

So sit back, scroll through, mix and match and create the perfect celebration!

If you’re looking for any store bought gifts to go along with any of the puns or gifts in this post, you should also check out our post: Gifts They’ll Use Forever

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The best DIY Valentines Gifts for boyfriend, Crafts for kids, Decorations, Surprises, Puns, Cards, Gifts for Him, Games and more. If you need easy cheap Valentine's day gifts for boyfriend this is the best list.

Valentine’s Candy & Man Bouquets

They’re not just for flowers or women anymore. Man and candy bouquets are all the rage.

With a little creativity and very few supplies you can turn virtually anything into a bouquet.

You can make bouquets out of candy, liquor, lotto tickets, underwear, and even condoms and lube or any other store bought items.

The possibilities are endless.

(Pictured above from left to right)

I Love You Beery Much 6 Pack of Beer (via Pinterest) – Create a Beer Bouquet by using fake flowers, tissue paper, and scrapbook paper from the dollar store. For a last minute gift grab a 6 pack and print out our free I Love You Beery Much printable in the puns section below!

Valentine Jar Candy Bouquet – Sticks, a glass jar, candy, tape, and a ribbon is all this takes. Can be paired with the candy puns in our pun section below. Via by Jenny Collier

(Pictured above from left to right)

Easy Candy Bouquet (Left):

  • Wrap a square or rectangle piece of florist foam in tissue paper
  • Glue boxes of candy like Sugar Babies or Junior Mints (for kids or small girls) around it like a vase
  • Glue or tape individually wrapped candy to skewers
  • Insert them in foam

Strawberry Bouquet (Right) via SlowlyDesign on Twitter: You just need strawberries, a knife and some lollipop sticks or skewers to make a beautiful strawberry bouquet for breakfast or dessert. Arrange with chocolate dipped strawberries to make it extra special.

Cigar, Shotglass, and Alcohol Beer Mug Bouquet via Pinterest

Flower Pot Lotto and alcohol Bouquet from Pinterest

Candy Bouquet

  • Take a dollar store silk flower bouquet
  • Remove the flowers
  • Hot glue (low-temp works best) individually-wrapped candies to stems where the flowers used to be.
  •  Wrap in clear cellophane and tie with a festive ribbon.

Snack sized candies work best, fill in with Jolly Ranchers or the like.

Perfect for boys or girls who don’t like flowers. Via Pinterest 

Mug Candy Bouquet via Pinterest

I Won the Lottery When I Met You Man Bouquet via Pinterest-This bouquet served as inspiration for the lotto bouquet we made for our Dad. Just tape lotto tickets to skewers and stick them in any box or vase full of stuffing. You can write on the box, decorate it, or make a cute printout to stick on it.

“I Hit the Lotto When I Met You” Bouquet made with just straws, scratchers, and a Yeti tumbler via Pinterest

Underwear Bouquet from Pinterest:

The men in our family never fail to get underwear on most major holidays. This is a much more exciting way to gift it. Get a box, or wrap a cardboard one, put a square of foam or some stuffing in, insert skewers in rolled up underwear and arrange the underwear in the box. You can add candies and a card to give him something to snack on while he’s lounging in them. LOL.

Vase Bouquet by Fun with Barb and Mary

Beer and Underwear Bouquet from Pinterest-

This version of the underwear bouquet uses a make shift vase made out of beer bottles. The underwear is inserted in tissue paper and a ribbon is tied around the whole thing to fasten it.

Candy Wreath by Crazy Little Projects:

We made a candy wreath for someone and left it on their front door while they were out. If only we took a picture. We glued the candy to a cardboard cut out of a heart and added a bow on top and strings of ribbon. They were pleasantly surprised.

Chips and Candy Bouquet/ Valentine's / DIY boyfriend gifts

Junk Food Bouquet photo courtesy Pinterest

It’s not all about candy and underwear. You can use any kind of treats your Valentine prefers.

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Last Minute Romantic Surprises

It’s SO easy to make last minute surprises your Valentine will remember for years to come. We’ve made post it note displays, DIY scratchers, and lunch bag surprises for our Valentines and they still talk about them to this day. These ideas are especially great if you’re not best at vocalizing how much you love your Valentine, their heart will melt.

(above from left to right)

Surprise Car Heart Love Notes – Give your sweetie a surprise for their morning commute with love notes written on paper hearts. For him, her, teens, or parents. Via Pinterest

Surprise them with pink Post It love notes in heart Shape on the bathroom mirror. So easy yet so romantic and they’ll remember it forever. Via Lifeliveshere on Tumblr

More Post It Love Notes– This is another version that literally requires only a pad of post its, a pen, and your passion. Via Pinterest

The Dice Game– If you don’t have dirty dice this is the next best thing. Via To Love Honor And Vacuum

You’re the Shit Babe post it note on toilet, incase they need a reminder. You can also write this on an envelope with tickets or a gift certificate in it. via

Banana Puns written on their fruit are good if you pack your sweetie a lunch everyday. source

Pop Me! Love note Balloon– All you need is a balloon, a marker, and a hand written love note. We add confetti in the balloon. Via Thinking Closet 

Boxed Pop Me Balloon with a love message inside, just include a pin in the box (and confetti)! This is also great to ship to a long distance relationship.

DIY Love Scratchers- Dishwashing soap, acrylic paint, and card stock make for a fun Love Lotto Scratcher. Write reasons why you love them or gifts like a massage or a picnic. We made these last year and they were a big hit! Via Beani Pet

Framed Favorite Romantic Movie Quotes- Pick out a love quote from one of your or their favorite movies and frame it for your Valentine. For a complete gift, include this in a gift basket with the corresponding movie or some popcorn and treats. Via BrenDid

Kisses Jar– Put Hershey kisses in a jar for when they need a little sugar. Via Pinterest

A Jar Full of Love– Fill a jar with little hand written reasons why you love someone, future plans, or even date night ideas that they can read whenever they need to be reminded. Via 

Put all of your kisses in a jar for when he needs them. Via Pinterest

Kiss Notes– Get out his favorite lipstick and kiss paper or poster board, cut out and write reasons for each kiss on the back then put them in a jar like above. Via Pinterest

DIY Fortune Cookie– A circular piece of paper and a handwritten love note/fortune makes the best fortune cookie ever. Via Splash Of Something

Carved Initials Candle– Why hurt a tree when you can use any candle around the house to make this easy, adorable, carved sweetheart candle. Via Hello Glow

I Love You because framed dry erase gift- Only costs $1.80 to make! The best thing about this is you can write something different everyday. Just put this print out in a nice frame and add a dry erase marker for a daily reminder of what you love. Via Super Savings

Year of Monthly Dates Each card has a different date idea for every month of the year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. Via Pinterest

Open When Letters- All it takes is an envelope and paper to be there for your Valentine when you’re not around. This is perfect for anyone from boyfriends, to husbands, to college bound teens, to military spouses, to parents, to grandparents, to friends, galentines and anyone long distance. Via Pinterest

Open When Letters and Packages– This version includes little care packages for when your Valentine is sick’s even perfect to give a child that is going off to college! Via Pinterest

Open When Letter Ideas by Jo My Gosh More inspiration for open when letters.

Letter Love Stones via glinsterling on Flickr

Pun Fruit– Grab your favorite fruit or candy and write a corresponding pun. This is good to put in a lunch bag as a little surprise. For more punspiration visit the “pun” section of this list below. Via Pinterest

Rock Pun– A sharpie and a rock is all you need. If you’d like it to last seal it with clear nailpolish or Mod Podge. Via Little Lovables

Finger Print Heart Friendship Love Stones- Use you and your love’s finger prints to make a keepsake stone. Via Red Ted Art

Colorful Love Stones from Pinterest

Left: Inspirational Quote Stones by Beside Room, Right: Up Lifting Stones by Going To Tehran

If you and your Valentine collect stones on the beach then grab one and write one of your favorite quote, a nice message, or a special name on it for your Valentine. It’ll make a nice paperweight for their desk or a decoration for their garden or potted plant.

Easy DIY Valentines Day gift for boyfriend or Husband that he'll always remember. Unique and creative ideas for cheap that teens can make. Romantic and cute. #ValentinesDay

Festive Bookmarks – Use printable versions or make one of your own. Get as creative as you want, add your favorite picture of you two or even pair it up with a book!

Our little hack: To make it water resistant and more durable, cover it in clear masking/shipping tape on both sides. Image above left via  Mommy Evolution

I Think You Are Just Write – Print out the pun message, cut it in a heart shape, make two slits and slide in a pen or pencil. Image above right via Bits of Everything

Reasons I Love You on post it notes in a heart from the dollar store. Quick, easy, and cheap last minute DIY Valentine Day gift for him #ValentinesDay #Boyfriend #DIY

Reasons I Love you Post Its

List all of the reasons you love them on dollar store post its and place as a surprise on their mirror or wall for a priceless Valentine’s Day Gift.

DIY Valentine’s Mug Gifts

If you have a Sharpie, a mug, and an oven you can make a nice Valentine’s Day gift for your coffee or tea drinker to cherish.  We made one for our Mom and she absolutely loved it.

Here are a few different ideas…

  1. Sharpie Heart Mug via Pinterest
  2. Sharpie Mug here’s another version of the sharpie mug. All you need is a sharpie, a mug, and an oven. Side note: they may not be dishwasher safe.
  3. You’re My Cup of Tea Sharpie Mug
  4. Vday Initial Dishwasher Safe Mug All you need are sharpies, rubbing alcohol, a mug, and some paper.
  5. Surprise Inside Mug Message via Etsy- Don’t forget the inside when decorating a mug!
  6. Sharpie dinnerware. You can make a whole sharpie plate set.
  7. DIY Chalk Board Mug so they can let you know what mood they’re in every morning before their coffee.
  8. What I Like Sharpie Mug more Sharpie mug inspiration.
  9. Sharpie Favorite Person Mug
  10. Love Sharpie Mug
  11. Sharpie Spring Heart Mug
  12. Diy Heart Shaped Tea Bags. These make the perfect addition to your sharpie mug. All you need are coffee filters and some string.
  13. DIY Glitter Tumbler by Jennifer Maker– You just need a steel tumbler for the best one to buy check out our post.

Gift and Card Puns

Impress them with your wit by writing or printing out one of these puns as a card or adding the corresponding treat. You can find the perfect food match for your pun in our Valentine’s Treat section!

Kisses for when I'm Not Around DIY Jar of Hershey's Kisses the best easy clever and thoughtful DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for him. DIY boyfriend gifts.
Hershey’s Kisses- Pinterest
Jar of Hot tamales Candy for a quick easy and last minute diy Valentines Day gift idea for him. DIY boyfriend gifts.
The Frugal Girls
Being With You Makes Perfect Sense Pun Valentines day Gift Idea. DIY boyfriend gifts.
Oh Clary

Starting from the pic in the upper left hand corner, and going from left to right:

  1. Bacon Puns: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart, You Bacon Me Crazy- By Twins Dish. Free printables when you sign up for our newsletter!
  2. Tea Puns: You’re Tea-riffic, Sending You A Cup Of Positivi-Tea- By Twins Dish. Sign up for our newsletter to get these free printables!
  3. Love You A Brunch
  4. You Bacon Me Crazy available for sale here
  5. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart via Pinterest
  6. You Are Pretty Eggcellent
  7. You’re One-In-a-Melon via RedBubbleonline shop
  8. You Make Me Bananas pun via Pinterest
  9. Nice Buns via Pinterest
  10. Stud Muffin via Pinterest
  11. Donut Pun by Pinterest. You can use this pun with a dozen or just one donut.
  12. I Love You A Latte and I Love You Beery Much Pun FREE Printables below. These would go great with a tumbler :
  14. Tea-rrific pun would make the perfect pun with a box of tea or these adorable DIY heart tea bags, one of the diy mugs we listed ( or even a tumbler), and the honey pun. If your Valentine happens to be sick with the flu this will bring a smile to their face.
  15. Bee Mine Honey, You are my Honey, Sugar Bear Pun
  16. I wanna take you out Take out box Pun from Twins Dish-Sign up for our Newsletter above!
  17. Pear pun alternative
  18. Fruit and vegetable Puns- Just pick your pun and treat or make a basket of them. Via Pinterest
  19. Cheesy Gouda/ Find you A Peeling/ Sweet and Cool/ Let’s give em’ something to taco ’bout Puns
  20. Gouda Provolone Feta and Brie Puns for friends via Take A Mega Bite
  21. You Got a Pizza My Heart/ I Pepperonly Have Eyes For You/ You’re My Missing Slice Puns- Get the free printables now, subscribe below!
  23. You’re My Butter Half, Pizza My Heart, and You Make Me Melt Puns via Pinterest
  24. Pepperonly have eyes for u pizza pun via Pinterest 
  25. I Value Our Friend Chip pun via Pinterest. Just include your favorite bag of chips or chocolate chip cookies to your favorite friend.
  26. Lick Me Till Ice Cream via Pinterest. Let your Valentine interpret this pun anyway they want.
  27. I have a Crush on you free printable 
  28. I’d Mount and Dew You via Pinterest
  29. Pudding Up With Me pun via Pinterest 
  30. You Are Kind Of A Big Dill, pickle lovers Pun via Pinterest
  31. Still Nuts About You Jar via Pinterest
  32. You’re My Favorite Thing To Do Naughty Pun Card via Pinterest
  33. Spoon Card via Daria (Kittenhood) on Pinterest
  34. WEED Go Well Together for sale on RedBubble
  35. Minute That is Wasted Box of Alcohol via Pinterest
  36. Be My Valentine Pun Candy Box via Pinterest
  37. Will You Be My Valentine pun candy and junk food box via Pinterest
  38. You Rock Valentine Pop Rocks
  39. You’re the Balm pun. Just include a lip balm of your choice with this witty pun and they’ll be prepared for a kiss.
  40. Rolo You’re the Bomb pun via Pinterest
  41. I Chews You Gumball Pun by Twins Dish- Get the free printable now. Subscribe to our Newsletter below!
  43. Tic Tac Toe via Nest of Posies
  44. I Dig You Shovel Candy Pun via Pinterest
  45. DIY Color Your Heart Out Crayon Pun. Make your Valentine an adorable multi colored crayon.
  46. Candy Pun Card Via Pinterest
  47. Candy Pun You Make Me Feel Special Card Via Pinterest
  48. Hearts Pun Candy Card via Pinterest 
  49. Candy Pun Mom Card for Husband via Pinterest
  50. 7 Days Of Love Treats
  51. Greatest Catch Candy Tackle Box ia Pinterest
  52. Reeses We Love You to Pieces pun jar
  53. Pucker Up Valentine Lemon Drop Pun Jar
  54. M&Ms, Starburst, and Kisses Pun Jars Hand Written via Pinterest
  55. Candy Pun Jars Via Pinterest
  56. Aloe You Vera Much Card via Pinterest
  57. Aloe You Vera Much Love Card with Plant Via Pinterest
  58. DIY We’re a Perfect Match, You Make My Heart Race, You Are Amaze ing, You Lite Up My Life card puns. Easy but witty DIY cards. Via Pinterest
  59. Witty Treat Puns via Pinterest
  60. You Make My Heart Race Car Cards via Pinterest
  61. Bookmark Printable Puns ADORABLEvia Pinterest
  62. You’re the Juan for Me – Buy it here
  63. You Knock My Socks Off via Pinterest
  64. Running Through My Mind via Pinterest
  65. Perfect Pair Shoe Pun via Pinterest
  66. Time Fries When I’m With You and all puns beyond- Pinterest

DIY Cards

Starting from the pic in the upper left hand corner, and going from left to right:

  1. DIY Lottery Tickets free ticket printable
  2. DIY Test Your Luck Scratcher with a penny via Pinterest
  3. DIY Lingerie cards-You can get as creative as you want with the fabric and you can also include one of the DIY lotto scratchers like we did. Add a little spritz of perfume and give a little T&A to your Valentine. Photos via and
  4. You’re Worth Every Mile Between Us via Pinterest  DIY card. Perfect for a long distance Valentine.
  5. VDay Explosion card
  6. I Love You pop up card via Pinterest
  7. I want to nail you card via Pinterest
  8. You’re My Favorite Thing To Do card via Etsy. Straight, simple, and to the point.
  9. I Luv U 3D Valentines Day card- Via Pinterest
  10. Love Valentines Day Card – via Pinterest

DIY Creative Craft Gifts and Wrapping Ideas

*Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links for companies such as Amazon. If you choose to click on them, we may make a small commission at no additional cost you.

Starting from the pic at the upper left and going from left to right:

  1. 5 Senses Gift via Pinterest grab some sandwich bags with ribbon or decorative gift bags and include a themed gift that caters to each of the 5 senses.
  2. Wedding or couples Shrinkie Dink photo key chain
  3. Pun Shrinkie Dink Keychain there are no directions for this but you can follow any shrinkie dink instructions to do it. We have plenty of puns to choose from below that you can recreate using markers on plastic and shrink into an adorable personalized keychain.
  4. Valentine’s Day Tumble Game just requires a marker and a Jenga set found at the dollar store or toy store.
  5. Pillow Made from Your Shirt is a good idea for a long distance Valentine.  Just spritz with your cologne or perfume and your loved one can have something to cuddle with when you’re not there.
  6. Flower Pot Gumball Machine made entirely from dollar store items.
  8. 5 Senses Gift via Pinterest Boxes are the same idea as the bags but with boxes. Gifts can even be super simple and affordable or expensive or a mix of both.
  9. Heart Shaped Bath Bomb make your own for a fraction of the price. This recipe includes citric acid, epsom salt, and cookie sprinkles. You can purchase cute silicone molds of all different shapes on Amazon or here are some household items that would work.
  10. Rose Sugar Scrub only three ingredients (rose petals, sugar, baby oil) and 5 minutes of prep work. Package it with a bath bomb or use it as one of the 5 senses gifts.
  11. Valentines Day Box of Chocolates with mini alcohol bottles via Pinterest
  12. DIY Studded Jack Daniels Bottle via Pinterest
  13. Painted Cactus Rock Garden With just a few smooth stones, a cute container, and some green paint you can make these adorable rock gardens. This is a great craft for kids as well.
  14. DIY Valentines Day Bird Feeder Heart Shaped
  15. DIY Valentines Day Reclaimed Rope Sign
  16. DIY Crotchet Heart Tutorial Step By Step Guide
  17. DIY Valentines Day Crotchet Heart Additional Pattern
  18. DIY Lingerie Gift Bag via Pinterest
  19. DIY Valentines Day Sugar Scrub Bar
  20. Ammo Gift Idea

Easy DIY valentines Day Gnome using dollar store items, for kids, for Valentines Day decor, for parties, for dinner, for crafts, from The ultimate DIY Guide to Valentines day - Twins Dish

An adorable way to tell someone you’ll love them Gnome Matter What! Find the tutorial on how to make these adorable yet cheap Valentine’s Day Gnomes here.

Man Cakes

  1. Jack and Coke Man Cake the same can also be made with 7&7
  2. Man Cake Deluxe: Jack, Coke, Beer,Tobacco, Snacks , and Scratchers 
  3. Beer 6 Tier Man Cake
  4. Crown Royal Beer and Scratchers Cake just garnish with ribbon and bows.

DIY Gift Baskets

  1. Movie Basket this is a gift and a date all in one. You can theme the items in the basket any which way according to the movie. For example you can make a 50 Shades of Grey themed basket with sex toys (here’s how you can get them for free) and the movie.
  2. Sports Basket this is perfect for a sports fan. You can include his favorite sports snacks, and sports themed items or even tickets.
  3. SEXY Movie Night Basket give your Valentine the gift of fantasy with a copy of 50 Shades of Grey and sex toys (image via Watch the movie and use the toys to act out the fantasy.
Best Romantic DIY Valentines gift for Boyfriend. Easy, Cheap, and creative box for him

4. Easy, creative, and cheap box for him.

Decorate the inside of any box with love quotes or photos and fill with their favorite sweets. You can find all of these things at the dollar store or drugstore for cheap and this would also work if your sweetheart is long distance!

Most Romantic DIY Valentines gift for Boyfriend. Easy, Cheap, and creative spa basket for him

5. Easy, Creative, and Romantic DIY Spa Basket for Him

Fill a basket with the spa essentials he uses or you think he SHOULD use for a romantic gift idea you’ll enjoy too.

NetFlix and Chill Romantic Gift Basket Idea


Valentines Day heart Shaped gift Box Idea


Valentine’s Food, Dessert, and Dinner Ideas

Only the best of the best of easy tried and true, Valentine’s Day foods made this list.

These treats have maximum wow factor but are very quick and easy! Some you can even box with one or more of the puns we listed above to make the perfect gift or a beautiful meal.

  1. Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts are unbelievably easy to make and just as delicious as they are beautiful. If you don’t believe us then look on Pinterest where the recipe was tried over 1,200 times with glowing reviews and gorgeous pictures. We made them for viewing the Rose parade and they were a huge hit. Just make sure you put on enough sugar and cream cheese.
  2. Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts are so pretty we thought they deserved their own row of photos.
  3. Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts can be put in baking cups and given as an impressive gift to your Valentine.
  4. Easy Heart Shaped Bacon is quick to make. This would be great added to a sweetheart breakfast or brunch with one of the bacon puns above.
  5. Sweetheart Sunny Side Up Eggs with Toast all you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Did this a while back for Mothers Day as kids and grandma loved it.
  6. Sweetheart Boiled Eggs
  7. Sweetheart Cinnamon Buns Quick and Easy Just use store bought Pillsbury bun dough and re-roll into a heart shape. Add the bun pun from our puns list and you have a little treat for your Valentine.
  8. Engagement Chicken This recipe will make him propose (no joke it works). At the very least he’ll be talking about it till he does. Super healthy and delicious.
  9. Sweetheart Watermelon and fruit. Just use a cookie cutter and the rest is history.
  10. Heart Shaped Pizza would make the perfect pairing with the pizza and pepperoni puns above.
  11. Heart Shaped Hamburger quick and easy.
  12. Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese same can be done with a quesadilla.
  13. Heart Salad use cookie cutters to shape everything from beets to cucumbers.
  14. Heart Cheese Platter don’t forget to pair it up with a cheese pun.
  15. Marshmallows on a Pixie Stick, instead of the straw pictured use pixie sticks.
  16. Heart Cake allows you to write your own message on the cake via Pinterest
  17. Heart Shaped Cupcakes
  18. Valentine’s Popcorn
  19. Cheesy Heart Bread Sticks
  20. Heart Shaped Sandwiches
  21. Potato Roses
  22. Heart Shaped Pizza
  23. Heart Shaped Quesadilla 
  24. Heart Shaped Roasted Potatoes
  25. Easy Heart Shaped Pretzels mad out of Dinner Roll Dough
  26. 5 Fast And Easy 3 Ingredient Alcoholic Fudges That’ll get them drunk!

Easy Diy Kissing Booth Dollar Tree Valentines Day Decoration, Craft, Or Gift

Easy DIY Valentines Day Dollar Tree Kissing Booth Craft Decoration and Gift

The adorable Kissing Booths above were made entirely from items at the Dollar Tree.

Easy DIY Valentines Day Dollar Tree Kissing Booth Craft Decoration and Gift Painted Red

You can find a ton of different crates in different sizes and designs that would make a fun and festive crafts for kids, an easy DIY Valentines day decoration, or a great little gift or gift basket idea for boys and girls.

Easy DIY Valentines Day Dollar Tree Kissing Booth Craft Decoration and Gift

Here are a few great filler ideas for the kissing booth:

  • Hersheys Kisses
  • Mints
  • Gum
  • Dollar Tree Rose Lipstick balm or chapstick
  • Dollar Tree lip exfoliator
Easy DIY Valentines Day Dollar Tree Kissing Booth Craft Decoration and Gift

Make them as intricate or as simple as you like, and have fun painting and designing them!

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations from Dollar Tree

Easy DIY Valentines Day Decoration for the front door from Dollar tree
  1. Heart Prints on the lawn just use flour and a heart cutout.
  2. Kiss Balloons are super easy and inexpensive just blow up a balloon, put on your favorite lipstick and practice kissing!
  3. Streamer Bed Decor- this is great if you want to end the night on a super special note and even better if you have a sexy gift to leave on the bed. Quick balloon hack: put double stick tape on the top of balloons and stick them to the ceiling instead of helium via Pinterest.
  4. Napkin Roses perfect for the brunch table or dinner for two stuffed inside a wine glass or champagne flute.
  5. Candy Vase take a water glass or small vase place inside a larger vase, and fill the outside with conversation candy hearts.
  6. VDay Romantic Indoor Date Decor whether you’re having dinner watching a movie or both; candles, flower petals, and lights can make any setting romantic. Make a picnic on the floor for your Valentine and have some fun!
  7. Indoor Valentines Family Picnic tray tables and cushions set the mood for this date idea. It’s perfect for a meal with family and friends or just two.
  8. Easy DIY Hearts on a String Garland via Pinterest
  9. DIY Heart Link Garland for Valentines Day
  10. DIY Conversation Heart Garland or Mantel Decor
  11. DIY Easy Valentines Day Heart Garland via Pinterest
  12. Valentine Envelope Fold Napkin with Love Note
  13. DIY Easy Napkin Rose in Wine Glass How To via Pinterest
  14. DIY Easy Heart Napkin Fold via
  15. Branches with Red Paper/Felt Hearts glued on via The Idea Room
  16. Lace and Rose Table Setting and Runner via Facebook
  17. DIY Heart Table Runner Made out of Foam, Felt or Paper Hearts 
  18. DIY Real or Fake Rose on top of upside down wine glass center piece idea via Pinterest
  19. DIY candle on top of upside down wine glass with a fake or real rose via
  20. Real or Fake Rose Submerged in Water with a floating candle via Global Rose
  21. Valentines Day Apothecary Jar Decor Idea Via Subscription Box Ramblings
  22. Paper Heart Wreath
  23. Bulb Heart Shaped Valentines Day Wreath Idea via Judy Blank
  24. Easy DIY Hearts on a Stick for driveways, gardens or front Lawns
DIY Dollar Store Valentines Day Wreath

Make a beautiful wreath out of dollar store items. Get the tutorial here.

Best DIY Valentines Day decorations for home, classroom, office, or party that are elegant #valentinesDay #DIY #DollarStore

Repurpose your Christmas tree with this tree of love Valentines Day decoration idea from Amy Miller Designs. 

Let us know what you picked and how it went, we’d love to hear about it. Keep checking back, we’ll be updating the list.


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